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USAT NCC- Update 15 (Last Week Edition)
CREATED: 02/21/13 by ballstoncyclist REPLIES:
ballstoncyclist's ravatar ballstoncyclist    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 496
USAT NCC- Update 15 (Last Week Edition)
POSTED: 2/21/13 2:32 PM

North again, this time on the East coast of the North Island in a beautiful town called Napier. Slowly making my way north to Taupo for a little swim-bike-run sufferfest on March 2.

Swim and Bike Prizes
I finally heard back from USAT. It took some twitter complaining until someone decided to pay attention to the NCC. They are reviewing results of the competition for Swim & Bike sessions, but need to verify that clubs and members are all registered with USAT for 2013. This is a requirement in the rules, and they want to make sure they award prizes accordingly. They indicated that all prizes will be send at the end of the competition (mid March). So PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR USAT MEMBERSHIP IS UP TO DATE.

Run Month
Based on the results on the NCC site we were the first Club to reach this month's benchmark. We have also pulled ahead and have opened a good lead, so we should be on target to sweep this whole thing. But don’t forget to keep running and keep logging all mile. Prizes for run month will be raffled using the same formula as bike month.

Overall Results
Unless something absolutely crazy happens we should win the 2012-2013 NCC. Overall prizes will be awarded to the top 75 athletes regardless of team, and the Garmin will be raffled among those 75 athletes (unless you’ve already won a Garmin or the Computreainer from the previous months). I created an additional tab on the Google spreadsheet tracking the total mileage. This are approximate results and may change slightly (

Alejandro (75 and sunny, with a cool seabreeze)

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