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Neon Green Shorts Guy
CREATED: 08/19/13 by mstanphi REPLIES: 1
mstanphi's ravatar mstanphi    JOINED: 8/19/13    POSTS: 1
Neon Green Shorts Guy
POSTED: 8/19/13 4:16 PM

Hey All,

I just wanted to introduce myself as I met a few of you all over the past two weekends at the training tri and Luray International. My name's Mike and hopefully I'll be seeing you all around more often. This is my first year getting serious into triathlons so I will be at plenty of training events in the near future. I normally race in neon green spandex and a ridiculous brain helmet, so you can't miss me at races!


bronxking's ravatar bronxking    JOINED: 1/13/13    POSTS: 391
RE: Neon Green Shorts Guy
POSTED: 8/20/13 6:28 AM

Hey Mike, welcome to the club. I did remember complimenting your neon green spandex at the training tri. I was also at Luray International but I don't recall seeing you there. Anyway, hope to see you out at happy hour or at one of the DC Tri workouts! FYI, I wear Prada fashion sunglasses in all my races and workouts, so you can't miss me either. I get teased about it, but that shit is comfortable and I look damn good in it! =)

-David Eng

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