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NTP 2012 - Got Questions?
CREATED: 01/18/12 by legalmoose REPLIES: 21
kmjacobsen's ravatar kmjacobsen    JOINED: 1/4/12    POSTS: 6
RE: NTP 2012 - Got Questions?
POSTED: 1/29/12 4:11 PM

Hi Bryan,

Should we go ahead and sign up for the DC Triathlon now? Or are we going to do that later as a group? I started to sign up for it but noticed that I didn't get a discount even after I indicated that I was a part of DC Tri NTP. Also, is the "international" distance the same thing as the olympic distance? Finally, is it true that if we get a discount for DC Tri, we won't get a discount for the Nation's Tri if we sign up for that too?



legalmoose's ravatar legalmoose    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 237
RE: NTP 2012 - Got Questions?
POSTED: 1/29/12 4:59 PM


You don't have to register for the race yet, but if you want to, navigate over to the NTP Page, click on the first Weekly Update ("Welcome Edition!") and there'll be a direct link on how to sign up for the race (sorry for the complicated directions, but this is an open forum so I can't give you the link directly here).

Coach Will
2012 NTP Co-Leader

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