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Luray Triathlon Race Prep Clinics on May 3 and 31
CREATED: 04/29/09 by davidglover REPLIES:
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Luray Triathlon Race Prep Clinics on May 3 and 31
POSTED: 4/29/09 3:14 PM

Hi friends,

Geared toward beginner and novice triathletes, the race prep clinics in Luray, VA will help you prepare for the Luray Triathlons as well as any other short course triathlons with open water swims.

We are excited to welcome Margaret Connor of Sport Fair, Inc. as an open water swim instructor for the clinics!

Dates for 2009: May 3, May 31 and August 8.

The Luray Race Prep Clinic includes: race and course discussion; a lifeguard supervised open water swim practice in beautiful Lake Arrowhead; and a chance to ride and run the scenic bike and run courses of the Luray Triathlon. Lunch is included. Cost: $65

Interested in only the swim? You can sign up for the Open Water Swim
Practice portion only. After a brief instruction, you will swim in beautiful, clean Lake Arrowhead in a safe, life guard supervised, stress free environment that will bolster your confidence come race morning. Cost: $25

More information and to register:


David Glover
Luray Triathlon Race Director

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