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UCI biological passport
CREATED: 06/18/09 by vatriathlete REPLIES:
vatriathlete    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 685
UCI biological passport
POSTED: 6/18/09 3:34 PM

ok so the blood doping thing in cycling.

they finally interviewd the head of the bio passport in

what is your take on it?

i'll start off, the interview is softball at best, the interviewer didnt' ask any hard questions. such as:

what is the likelilhood that your panel of dr's gets it wrong?
how can you be sure your proceedure is 100% accurate?
what is the recourse of an athlete to prove the dr's got it wrong?

basically my problem is that this head of the bio passport is saying the system will be great while not acknowledging at all that no system no matter how "tested" it is not 100%, i'd like someone to finally just admit that rather than justify their job's existence.

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