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Group Rides
CREATED: 08/09/13 by dkrafty REPLIES: 1
dkrafty    JOINED: 4/26/13    POSTS: 11
Group Rides
POSTED: 8/09/13 5:57 PM

Hey tri-friends!

If you are ever looking for a new group ride to go on or ever wanted one place to look for a majority of the groups rides in the DC metro area check out Been using it to get connected around the area and it's been pretty helpful! Thought I'd offer up the advice!

Goodluck to everyone doing the practice Tri this weekend!

SeanG's ravatar SeanG    JOINED: 4/8/09    POSTS: 160
RE: Group Rides
POSTED: 8/12/13 2:24 PM

Thanks for posting. Really nice source for everything that's out there.

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