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CREATED: 04/22/13 by tgrollman REPLIES: 4
tgrollman's ravatar tgrollman    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 298
POSTED: 4/22/13 10:46 AM

Hey all.

I did my first Ultra this weekend and I think it would have gone much better if I did not start to get blisters on my feet around mile 30 something.

I'm doing Comrades in June and I am worried about the strict 12 hour cut off time and blisters.

Does anyone have suggestion on how to avoid them or somethign I can take with me to sooth them if I do get them on my run? By mile 40 something each step I took hurt and I don't want that to happen in South Africa.

Thanks for the help.


mjraugust's ravatar mjraugust    JOINED: 12/15/11    POSTS: 219
RE: Blisters
POSTED: 4/22/13 1:45 PM

I am by no means an ultra runner, but when I did martial arts the two things we would use to prevent blisters on the soles of our feet were shea butter or tea tree oil (but not both at once). Shea butter moisturizes your feet and helps prevent hot spots. Tea tree oil actually conditions the skin and makes them more resistant to moisture and actually kind of leathery so they can handle friction better without reacting to it.

In terms of running, Fuel sock Wright socks (double layer cushioned anti-blister socks) are great, but I did learn at the splash in dash they are almost impossible to get onto wet fit so not the best for tris but should work for your ultra but might not be enough on their own to prevent blisters.

The shea butter and tea tree oil options I would double check with a runner before trying, they were both for bare foot martial arts applications, but really did wonders for preventing blisters in that context.


dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
RE: Blisters
POSTED: 4/22/13 2:17 PM

I lather up my feet with a generous coating of Vasaline before every marathon. I hit the sides, the bottom, the gaps between the toes, and pretty much every skin part that touches the socks. I've never had issues, even under heavy rainstorms.

In an ultra, you have access to your goodie bags at certain stations. Put some in there and reapply if need be.

I learned the Vasaline trick from somewhere ... probably a re-education camp outside of Da Nang, Vietnam.


bronxking's ravatar bronxking    JOINED: 1/13/13    POSTS: 392
RE: Blisters
POSTED: 4/22/13 2:20 PM

I'm not an ultramarathoner either, but duct tape works for me when I hike long distances. Not sure if this would equally apply to running.

Andre's ravatar Andre    JOINED: 4/8/11    POSTS: 50
RE: Blisters
POSTED: 4/23/13 7:09 AM

I have really sensitive skin and am super prone to blisters, chaffing etc. I swear by Bode Glide - Its cheap, light weight, and doesn't feel greasy.

You should be able to pick it up on Amazon or most running stores.

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