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Do the Du clothing-optional duathlon
CREATED: 06/19/09 by flora REPLIES:
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Do the Du clothing-optional duathlon
POSTED: 6/19/09 9:34 AM

They put on a lot of wild trail runs and other races up in Pennsylvania, but this one is particularly funny and I thought all you athletes would get a kick out of this clothing-optional dualthlon in Palmerton, PA....

Probably the most fun we had at any single event last year was the 2008 version of event listed below. The people we worked with there were wonderful, the nature of the event is outrageously gonzo and the race directors of this event go all out to put on a first classs event. IMPORTANT, even though this is a clothing optional event, YOU DO NOT HAVE COMPETE NAKED TO DO IT; a full 25% of the competitors did it fully dressed. This event is one of the most affordable multisport events in the region and is VERY competitives. PLUS, there are novice and advance division and right now, this event gets our EASY AWARD alert!! If you miss this event because you don’t want to see EVERY SINGLE tattoo on the person running next to you, you will have missed an event that will live I your mind for years to come. Here's more on the Bare Hare from the race directors:

WE CHALLENGE YOU!! What kind of challenge you say? Butts A'runnin Race Enterprises will be du-ing the most unique duathlon, called the Bare Hare Duathlon on June 20, 2009 at 9:00 AM at Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton, PA.

The challenge: You can do this DU...BARE. If you can't BARE it, then you can most certainly stay clothed. We're giving you that preference by making it Clothing Optional, but, you must be 18+. You know you want to Do the Du, and if you want to stay clothed, we don't care, that is your option. To enjoy the pool & hot tub, tho, you must be nude. WE JUST WANT YOU TO JOIN US AND EXPERIENCE A DUATHLON THAT YOU WILL REMEMBER FOR A LIFETIME.

We do know that we have a "chap" athlete coming over from England. (When he gets thru he may be "chapped.")

Must use a Mountain Bike or a suitable bike for mountain trail use and YOU MUST wear a bike helmet.

The beginning run winds through the mostly paved roads of Sunny Rest Resort with a challenge towards the end, a 100 yard uphill run on paved surfaces. Then you are on the bike. The mountain bike trail is 2 loops for the 9 mile, and 1 loop for the 4.5 mile. It's on wide groomed trails of hard pack soil, rocks, and exposed roots along with streams and mud. There are some climbs and decents that will be marked. The last leg of the race, the trail run is a single loop on trails with the same terrain as the mountain bike leg. Once you are done and at that finish line, you will have completed "Doing the DU" the only clothing-optional Duathlon ever in the world!Now, that's a CHALLENGE.

Ron Horn of Pretzel City Sports of Reading, PA will be timing the DU. Don't think you will have to look at his body NAKED!

If all of the above is a bit more extreme than you care to DU, then there is a FUNDO WALK of 1.5 miles on paved roads as well. The cost for that is $20. Come participate for a good cause.

The Bare Hare Duathlon will be donating charity funds to the American Cancer Society. The American Cancer Society is Du-ing all they can to make it possible for those that have cancer to be able to see their next birthdays.

Make this a destination race. Sunny Rest Resort and Campground has more than 100 camping and RV sites. Tenting sites also have hookup for electric. There are also more than 20 motel rooms available, if you don't want to rough it. Call the resort if you wish to take advantage of their special rates for this weekend to make it one of the best experiences you will ever have. There are over 190 acres for you to enjoy. Come be natural and close to nature.

Check out all info for the BARE HARE DUATHLON at Got questions?? or call 704-880-4561.

Race registration is $50 for individuals and $80 for teams of three, M/F. Registration for the FUNDO WALK is $20. You may bring a guest for $15.00. You can register online at until Thursday, June 18 or on RACE DAY starting at 7:00 AM. Gate will open at 7:00 AM for race day registration, packet P/U and putting your bike on the bike racks. If you wish to participate, we will be taking a NUDE or NON-NUDE photo of the event for $12.00. This is available only to participants. For race results, we use just first names to protect your privacy. When you DU on Sunny Rest it stays on Sunny Rest. You will have to let us know, if you wish your complete name listed. The event is done completely on the grounds of Sunny Rest. Don't forget your bike helmet and to bring a couple of towels and whatever else you may need.

Go ahead and register and CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO DO THE DU and then stay & enjoy a day of relaxation.

We will have some great awards and prizes. After the race you may stay on Sunny Rest for the day and enjoy all there is to offer. Beside the pool is a great new meeting spot, STREAKERS. Streakers has bottled or draft beer and specialty bar drinks.


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