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Transition Bag - yes or no?
CREATED: 04/10/14 by sromeo REPLIES: 2
sromeo    JOINED: 1/11/14    POSTS: 19
Transition Bag - yes or no?
POSTED: 4/10/14 9:40 AM

And if it's a yes, any recommendations? What about "rocket science"? My husband is a rocket scientist.

dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
RE: Transition Bag - yes or no?
POSTED: 4/10/14 1:27 PM

Big backpack = $20

Big backpack labeled "transition bag" and marketed toward triathletes = $60

Transition bag with the Ironman logo = $1 billion :)

It's a nice to have kind of thing, but not required. You can put everything in a trash bag or big bucket and it'll do the trick just as nicely :)


morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
RE: Transition Bag - yes or no?
POSTED: 4/11/14 9:23 AM

I used one of those big Hefty plastic storage bags with the ziplock my first couple of years - works nicely.

I did eventually get the Rocket Scientist transition bag and it works well too. I like the handy dividers - for wetsuit, wet stuf, etc; but I still end up cramming everything in where it will fit and still have to search for stuff.

If you have a checklist of stuff you need for race day, then any bag will do.

Tuan, may even be able to find someone at the re-education camp to carry it for you.

Happy Friday everyone - I'm crosstraining on the Potomac tomorrow with Washington Canoe Club for a stand up paddle board race. Look for me if you are out biking or running.

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