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Please help an injured colleague out!
CREATED: 09/18/13 by braden REPLIES: 5
braden's ravatar braden    JOINED: 6/3/13    POSTS: 19
Please help an injured colleague out!
POSTED: 9/18/13 3:12 PM

Hello all,

I am officially an injured runner. I'll spare you the details but I'm 95% sure I have an overuse injury issue with my knee, likely related to my IT band.

I'm looking for a one-stop non-physician shop to possibly get deep tissue massage along with some counseling on stretching/rehab exercises along with an elementary assessment of my leg (ie: MAN when I do this one thing to test for IT band tightness you screamed in pain, hmm, ok)

In an ideal world such a place would understand runners and athletes and would see a goodly number of similar cases. Also ideal would be someone who could render an informed opinion of whether it it might in fact be a good idea to see a physician and start the mind numbingly brutal series of tests/professional fees/etc. that go with it.

Please and thank you in advance for your best advice!


pmart15's ravatar pmart15    JOINED: 12/14/09    POSTS: 149
RE: Please help an injured colleague out!
POSTED: 9/18/13 3:24 PM

I like Dr. Kathy from Positively Chiro. She's ART certified and they have a wide range of specialists there, from massage therapists, ART people, PT's, and Chiros.

Oh and you will scream if she digs her fingers into you... injured or not.

HappyRunner's ravatar HappyRunner    JOINED: 1/15/11    POSTS: 281
RE: Please help an injured colleague out!
POSTED: 9/18/13 7:37 PM

I have worked with Rudy Munoz, of Sports Stretch International in Old Town Alexandria (703) 371-3812). He is a real guru and doesn't immediately go for the trouble area, but knows what is pulling on what so he gets to the root of the problem. LMT and CMT degrees.

Unfortunately, he is teaching a seminar for the next couple of weeks on some tropical island, but perhaps someone to keep in mind for the future. I can't tell you the number of times I've gone in feeling close to injured and come out with a new lease on life. He's like an injury insurance policy. Highly recommended.

mweitzner    JOINED: 3/31/11    POSTS: 7
RE: Please help an injured colleague out!
POSTED: 9/19/13 12:26 PM

Sorry to hear about the injury. I highly recommend my PT, Tom Papke at Capitol Metro Physical Therapy. I see him at 1750 K Street, 202-452-1861. He helped me out with my IT band issues. Based on my experience, he will let you know pretty quickly whether you need to see a physician.
Good luck!

dhops's ravatar dhops    JOINED: 7/12/12    POSTS: 125
RE: Please help an injured colleague out!
POSTED: 9/19/13 1:55 PM

Talk to Chris Hendricks. I used to have IT band issues until I started working with him. He does something called Aston-Patterning and it's amazing. I've not only gotten completely rid of my IT band issues, I've also PRd in every distance I've run this year. And btw, Chris does house calls. Yep, that's right.

His cell is 703-634-3431 and his email is Tell him Deb Hopkins sent you!

Nate's ravatar Nate    JOINED: 2/23/10    POSTS: 68
RE: Please help an injured colleague out!
POSTED: 9/19/13 3:02 PM

I see Dr. Alex Wong at United Wellness Center in Herndon. He's a miracle man. If he had a cult, I'd join it. He's been really helpful in getting me through some plantar fasciitis. He works with lots of athletes and does some triathlon himself. Not only does he try to help you get better, but he tries to help you get back to your training as soon as possible. He's good about helping you figure out how much and how intense of training you can get away with while recovering from an injury. He's almost like a coach in some ways.

I'm mostly recovered from my injury, but I still see him once every month or two for a "tune up" and to make sure I'm mechanically doing okay.

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