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FS: Women's Garmin 405 Forerunner - Brand New
CREATED: 07/22/10 by ajm27 REPLIES:
ajm27's ravatar ajm27    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 142
FS: Women's Garmin 405 Forerunner - Brand New
POSTED: 7/22/10 11:59 AM

If anyone is interested in training with heart rate zones or just wants to know your bike/run distance, this is the sports-watch for you. I already have one before receiving this one. It is BRAND NEW and STILL IN THE BOX.

Please see the specifics below. Asking $200 OBO. Email me at alyssamorrison at hotmail dot com.

One Year Warranty
Self-contained GPS receiver, compact one-piece design
Tracks distance, pace, calories burned, and heart rate (with optional transmitter - see below)
Tracks speed, distance, and pace indoors with optional foot pod (see below)
Cycling cadence, speed, and distance with optional GSC10 cycle speed/cadence sensor (see below)
Basic navigation: Mark and save up to 100 locations, then navigate to stored locations
Customizable screens can show training time, pace, distance, lap pace, lap time, lap distance, average pace, elevation, calories burned, and much more
Lap History: Automatically records up to 1000 laps; stores approximately two years of data. Can be downloaded to PC using included software
Time of day clock with dual time zones, calendar, and alarm
Automatic wireless data download to PC or web with included ANT stick interface
Download recorded courses and compete against previous workouts
Auto Pause: Automatically pauses training timer when pace falls below a preset point
Auto Lap: Automatically triggers a lap when you reach a specified distance or location. Run anywhere and still get accurate performace data!
Advanced Workouts: Set up workouts with specific durations and targets
Simple Workouts: Setup up workouts based on time, distance, and calories burned
Virtual Partner: Displays an animated training partner who will run at the set pace, so you can see if you are keeping up or falling behind. Adjust your pace as you run to stay motivated.
Interval Training: Allows you to set up exercise and rest intervals based on time or distance, plus number of reps
Size in inches: 1.88w x 2.78l x .65t - Weight: 62 grams
Rechargeable Lithium battery with included charger - lasts 2 weeks in power saver, 8 hours with GPS on
Includes: Forerunner 405 watch, AC adapter, charging clamp, USB ANTâ„¢ stick, and owner's manual

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