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Columbia course bike workout sunday 5/5
CREATED: 05/02/13 by mjdamiano REPLIES:
mjdamiano's ravatar mjdamiano    JOINED: 1/17/11    POSTS: 9
Columbia course bike workout sunday 5/5
POSTED: 5/02/13 10:59 AM

hi all, i had to miss the bricknic last weekend so i'm going to be heading up to columbia on sunday in preparation for the race. anybody want to join? i'll be leaving from dupont circle and have room in my car for two (maybe 3) additional people and their bikes. i have a pretty specific workout in mind which anybody could join me for or we could do different things and regroup when necessary.

my plan is to ride the bike and run courses and then do a 15 minute transition run. my bike workout will be:

15 min warm up
4x12 min lt intervals (21-22mph) with 3 min easy recoveries
Z2 (18-20mph) for the rest

this workout is a bit tough so I'd love to have some company... let me know if there's any interest.

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