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Wall-mounted, lockable bike rack suggestions?
CREATED: 05/29/12 by gregmce REPLIES:
gregmce's ravatar gregmce    JOINED: 1/27/10    POSTS: 4
Wall-mounted, lockable bike rack suggestions?
POSTED: 5/29/12 10:26 AM

Hey all -- I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a wall-mounted, lockable bike rack?

I'm looking to get one installed into the wall of my parking space in my condo's garage; you're allowed to do so (a couple of years ago the association even arranged a big order of wall mounted bike racks and installation for people who were interested) and I'd like to put my around-town, hybrid bike there, so that I have one less bike in the condo itself.

While I trust and love most of my neighbors, though, I'd need a rack that I can lock the bike to; most that I see are clearly meant for being in one's personal garage, or inside the home. Any suggestions? (The lock doesn't have to be built in, but rather just needs some sort of method in which the bike is secured to the rack.) It would be drilled into concrete blocks at the end of the space.


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