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July Training Tri Participants - PLEASE READ
CREATED: 07/05/11 by ncrcoach REPLIES: 1
ncrcoach's ravatar ncrcoach    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1101
July Training Tri Participants - PLEASE READ
POSTED: 7/05/11 5:24 PM

For some reason, I cannot bring up the master list for me to send out my participant email. Please read below and send me the necessary information. There are some changes for this training tri (mainly a double transition). This is what I would send to you.

Hello DC Tri Club Member,

You are receiving this email because you have signed up for the training triathlon on Sunday, July 10th at 7:30a.m. Note the later start time. This event will take place at the East Potomac Pool and the south parking lot on Hains Point. Please be aware of the following schedule as there are some changes from previous training tris.

First, please e-mail the with (a) your name (b) an estimated 100 meter swim pace and (c) an emergency contact number. The 100 meter swim pace is for a 400 meter swim and will help to seed you accordingly. Please do this by the 6pm, Friday, July 8th. Also, if you registered someone else or you will not make be able to compete, please let me know ahead of time to avoid any event day confusion.

Check in and set up will begin at 6:45 a.m. at the south parking lot on Hains Point. This is where T-2 will be. All participants should arrive no later than 7:00a.m. to allow time to check in and set up. You will set up T-2 on the west side of parking lot, then bike to the pool by the golf course. T-1 (bike gear) you will set up just outside the pool gates, not in the island by the road.

Swim (400 meters): the swim is eight lengths of 50 meters each. Swimmers will be seeded by their race number which is assigned by their 100 meter estimated swim pace, thus the reason to send this to me. After the swim, you will drop off any items to be taken to the T-2 area. Please write you name on any items and bring a bag to place them. These items will be transported to the finish area.

Bike (17 miles): As you start the bike route, you will exit the parking lot and ride south on Hains Point. The bike course will be 5 short loops of 3.2 miles each. This is a change partially due to the later start time. The bike course is open to traffic and as bikers we are to follow the rules of the road. Please keep that in mind and respect others. Helmets are required!

Run (3.2 miles): the run course will be one short loop of HP. The run course is open to traffic. Run on the right side of the road. There will be one water stop at the start of the run.
The post-event barbeque will be held at the south parking lot on Hains Point and begin immediately after the event. If you are joining us for the post-event barbeque, please bring something to share with the group: Last names beginning with: A – I bring dessert (cookies, brownies, etc), J - R bring drinks (sports drinks, soda, water, etc), and S - Z bring a side dish (chips, fruit, salad).

See you on the 10th and always thank a volunteer.

Hugh Harris, Race Director - DC Tri Club

ncrcoach's ravatar ncrcoach    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1101
RE: July Training Tri Participants - PLEASE READ
POSTED: 7/06/11 11:01 AM

Just making sure all participants read this. -Hugh

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