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Special Discount for She Does Tri Camps for Women in April
CREATED: 02/23/10 by davidglover REPLIES:
davidglover's ravatar davidglover    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 15
Special Discount for She Does Tri Camps for Women in April
POSTED: 2/23/10 3:57 PM

Coming up soon are the second annual She Does Triā„¢ Weekend Camps for women on April 9th-11th and April 30th-May 2nd at Falls Road Running Store in Baltimore, MD.

The weekend camps cover all aspects of triathlon with both instruction and practice in order to better prepare women for their first triathlon or improve on their twentieth triathlon. Designed for both beginner and intermediate level triathletes, the camps are a fun, non-competitive and welcoming environment that focus on the specific needs of women for training, nutrition and racing.

We'd like to extend a special discount to your members of $100 off the regular price of entry. Please use discount code "DCTRI" at time of registration.

The camps are run by USA Triathlon certified coaches Krista Schultz, MEd, CSCS and David Glover, MSE, CSCS, who both bring their passion for triathlon and helping others achieve their fitness dreams.

More info and to register:

Best regards,
Krista Schultz & David Glover


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