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Getting to Nation's on Sunday
CREATED: 09/03/13 by tonigm REPLIES:
tonigm's ravatar tonigm    JOINED: 1/1/10    POSTS: 19
Getting to Nation's on Sunday
POSTED: 9/03/13 7:10 PM

I am super bummed that I broke my foot a few weeks ago and won't be able to do Nation's. (I was thinking just the swim, but then considered getting hit in the foot and ow.) And most of the volunteering involves getting somewhere on foot and/or standing around, so that's out, too -

But one thing I COULD do is drive people down to the race start. I have a 7 person vehicle and live at 18th and U Street. Certainly if anyone is really stuck for transportation, I'm happy to go further, but if you're in the neighborhood, I'm also happy to save your significant other an early morning wake up call.

I could also ferry people home from the race - really, otherwise, I'll just be refreshing the website and thinking of all you :-)

Drop me a note at if you're interested and I will devise a timetable.

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