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Luray 2014 - Rose PT photoset
CREATED: 08/17/14 by dbowe REPLIES:
dbowe's ravatar dbowe    JOINED: 9/7/09    POSTS: 137
Luray 2014 - Rose PT photoset
POSTED: 8/17/14 5:38 PM

It was great seeing everyone out at the Luray Oly! We got the photos uploaded and just a couple of comments: Unfortunately there are duplicates of every photo and there's no way for us to remove them without re-uploading the photos (not worth it!). Also, there are swim photos mixed into the middle of the set. If we have time to clean it up we'll remove this message.

If you missed out on a complimentary assessment or are wondering how you can get one of these snazzy advice sessions, we have a bunch of events coming up! Catch us at the Nations Expo as one of the only PT clinics that offers Active Release Techniques (ART) therapy, we'll be at the official finish line at Nations for VIP athletes, or find us at the Pacers Logan Circle Fun Run group on September 15th. You can always email us at

Keep up with Us, Like us on Facebook to find out where we'll be, hands-on seminars on all topics dealing with triathlon, injury assessments, and hints on staying injury free: ...we're at a lot of DC Tri Club events, so it's kind of like keeping up with yourself! ;)

Keep up with Pacers fun run group that we support: They have daily runs, free pt assessments, track workouts, water available at the store, etc. It's all the stuff you're doing anyway but with a whole lot of support, and they go to Churchkey afterwards.

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