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2011 Specialized Transition Pro; 2011 Zipp 900 Disc
CREATED: 09/18/13 by TriChrisForrest REPLIES:
TriChrisForrest's ravatar TriChrisForrest    JOINED: 1/1/13    POSTS: 7
2011 Specialized Transition Pro 2011 Zipp 900 Disc
POSTED: 9/18/13 5:18 PM

2011 Transition Pro - like new condition; raced only; Easton attack carbon integrated aero bars. No wheels. All SRAM Red except for a SRAM Force front D. Will sell with medium setback and straight uncut seat post. Size medium.- $1400.

2011 Zipp 900 Disk. - break track is in perfect condition. No dents or dings. Spins smooth and true. Will sell with great tire and Zipp aero q/r skewer. - $850.

Serious buyers can email for pictures and more info.

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