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Memoirs of the first 8 Weeks of NTP
CREATED: 05/01/09 by marvin2009 REPLIES:
marvin2009    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 8
Memoirs of the first 8 Weeks of NTP
POSTED: 5/01/09 5:37 PM

In response to the request for feedback/comments on the NTP to date, I'm having one of the best moments of my life training (and running into DCTriClub members at random bars/lounges). I have been keeping up with the monthly schedules (90%) on a weekly basis, though I just purchased a bike last weekend (goodbye spinning class!). The swimming part of the tri has been my focus thus far, and the swim clinic last month was a breathe of fresh air (for those in need, you don't want to miss the next one at CUA). That said, the heart rate monitoring "thing" is still somewhat of a mystery to me but I know help is available. Looking forward to the weeks ahead. Have a great weekend and weekend-workout!

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