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Skyline Ride on Sat, Sep 29th
CREATED: 09/20/12 by rabockma REPLIES:
rabockma's ravatar rabockma    JOINED: 4/19/12    POSTS: 14
Skyline Ride on Sat, Sep 29th
POSTED: 9/20/12 7:30 PM

I am planning to do the Skymass ride on Saturday, Sep 29th. This ride starts at Warren County Middle School, 240 Luray Avenue, Front Royal, VA. The ride goes to Skyline, for a Cat 2 climb from the gate, then heads to 211 for a fast descent to luray. From there, we tackle Massanutten mountain for our second Cat 2 climb of the day. Then an easy and fast 32 miles of riding back to Front Royal, if your legs are still alive that is. Total distance of the ride is 81 miles. I would enjoy having company if anyone is interested in riding with me. Clip-in time will be 8:30 am and lunch afteralls is a definite option. I will bring extra cue sheets with me.


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