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New Entry Level Road Bike - Boardman Race
CREATED: 04/05/14 by braden REPLIES: 1
braden's ravatar braden    JOINED: 6/3/13    POSTS: 19
New Entry Level Road Bike - Boardman Race
POSTED: 4/05/14 12:59 PM


I have an excellent entry level road bike for sale. The bike is brand new and has never been ridden. Aluminum Frame, Shimano Sora components. It's built by Boardman Bikes, one of the most popular british makers, owned by Chris Boardman, a gold medalist and winner of multiple Tour de France stages. I also find it beautiful: I ride the carbon version of this bike myself.

This would be an excellent bike for a new cyclist or triathlete who wants a solid road/race bike to replace a clunker city bike or hybrid.

These bikes are not currently imported to the US, I actually had to work pretty hard to get it. Sadly, I don't need this one, so I'm happy to sell it on to you. It sells for £600 in the UK, or $1000 US. Trek's inferior bottom line 1-series sells for $750. I am happy to let this go for $600 and I'm willing to listen to any reasonable offers, so please feel free to make one!

Thanks for looking!



"4/5 Stars - The Boardman is a capable all-rounder for race day and more. . . . Neutral handling, and the well finished frame is worthy of upgrading. . . . the racing pedigree shines through."
Source: Cycling Plus

More significant is the aluminium tubing's triple butting. Strong and light, it contributes to an impressively light all-in weight..."
Source: Essential Guide to Road Cycling

Out on the road the Boardman really does seem to be in a different class to the other bikes on test. It rides smoothly on the flat, the full carbon fork soaking up road bumps, but when it comes to hills, the stiff aluminium frame responds well to a kick on the pedals..." "You cannot go wrong if you are looking for a race-ready machine."
Source: Triathlete's World

Do more homework on how great this bike is! Here are some links:

braden's ravatar braden    JOINED: 6/3/13    POSTS: 19
RE: New Entry Level Road Bike - Boardman Race
POSTED: 4/06/14 4:56 PM

The bike has sold, sorry!

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