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Club Leaders {2014}
Ryan Troll President »

Ryan has been participating in the sport of triathlon since 2005 and has been an active member of the club since 2008. He competes at all levels of the sport but his favorite continues to be the Olympic distance. Since becoming a member he has been an advocate for the club and all that it has to offer. He began getting more involved in 2009 when he became a mentor & volunteer for NTP. In 2010 he went on to become a NTP co-leader followed by joining the Board in 2011 and he hasn't looked back!

While on the Board, Ryan has served as the Director of Partnerships & Outreach, expanding the club's existing business relationships and growing new ones to over 40 recognized partners Nation-wide. In 2012 he was elected President and continues to serve in that role today. Ryan's focus as the club's commander-in-chief has been to organize and mobilize a strong team of volunteer leaders throughout the club as a means to expand the club's offerings and member value, make long over due investments in the club, and grow our club's local and national presence and recognition.

Beyond the Board, Ryan can be found at many of the training and social events the club has to offer. Outside of triathlon, Ryan spends his time serving on other non-profit and educational Boards while his day job keeps him busy as a Marketing Operations Executive for one of the largest membership organization in the US. He spends his free time with his girlfriend Jessica and their dog Maddie.

Meaghan Jennison Vice President & VP-Operations »

Meaghan is new to the DC Tri Club Board this year and is the club Vice President and VP of Operations. She's a quasi-native Washingtonian (grew up in Silver Spring, MD), went down to Carolina for undergrad (GO HEELS!!!), up to Boston for grad school, and landed right back where she started, except this time living on Capitol Hill. Meaghan joined DCT with the New Triathlete Class of 2012. She loved every second of it and dove in the deep end with registering for her first Ironman that summer. Meaghan completed Ironman Lake Placid in July of 2013. It was one of the best days of her life, and she's definitely doing another one...eventually :) When she's not training, Meaghan is probably trying to find the newest foodie hot spot in the city. That, or stuffing her face with the old reliable standby -- Baked and Wired cupcakes.

Bryan Piacentini Secretary & VP-Membership »

Bryan has been participating in triathlons since 2011 and a member of the club since 2012. With a background in swimming and soccer, his favorite leg is naturally the bike which he has devoted entirely too much money towards. Bryan’s favorite distance and season focus is the Olympic distance but he has been known to complete a 70.3 from time to time. Short-term race (life) goals include: building some speed, making some new DC Tri friends and learning what this pacing thing is all about.

After coaching with the Master’s program, Bryan is excited to start giving back to the club in a bigger way. As the new VP of Membership and Secretary, Bryan will be responsible for growing the club and increasing the happiness of its members.

Patrick Serfass VP-Finance (interim) »

Patrick has been a member of the club since 2003, and has been your Treasurer since 2009. A year after the club made some significant investments to expand the club's training programs, Patrick's main job this year is to work with the rest of the club leadership and our great volunteers to make sure they are executed well and continue to grow the club. Now with two little kids, Patrick's trying to strike the magic balance of racing well for the club and the DC Tri-Snapple Team and family fun. You might see those combined if you catch a glimpse of his toddler flying along in a bike seat or stroller during a club race. Outside of triathlon, Patrick works for Technology Transition Corporation, a company which grows new clean energy industries.

Stephen Carlson Treasurer (Interim) & MBA Board Fellow »

Steve has been doing triathlons since the fall of 2001, however, it wasn't until 2007 that Steve decided to focus on the sport. When signing up for his first Ironman, Steve knew to succeed he would need the support of others, and found the DC Tri Club. Quickly bonding with others in the club, Steve took on an active role participating and volunteering at club events, and has been serving on the Board since 2010, in the roles of Director of Training, President, and Vice President.

In 2014, Stephen will stay on to support the Board of Directors as a Fellow and provide assistance to the Treasurer.

Adrienne Farfalla Executive Admin & Board Support »

Adrienne grew up in New York and has always been involved in team sports playing basketball and rugby. She decided to spice things up in 2013 by taking the Assistant Program Director position with DC Tri Club and program director position with ACHIEVE Kids Tri. "I wanted to experience a triathlon first hand if I was expecting the Achieve kids to compete, so I participated in my first triathlon this summer and I am ready for more!" Adrienne worked as an education and adventure director in Massachusetts before moving to DC last year. She loves nature and enjoys trail running.

Adrienne is happy to assist the board and the clubs members. If you are looking for support please email

Bryan Frank Director, Club Programs »

Bryan has been a member of the DC Triathlon Club since 2008. He was dragged to the NTP informational meeting by a friend who did not want to go by herself, whereupon he decided that it would be a fun challenge to do a triathlon. Completing his first Olympic distance triathlon on his mountain bike, he has been hooked on the sport ever since though it has taken a toll on his bank account. He has enjoyed the friendships and happy hours in the club so much that he decided to give back to the club and became an NTP Co-Leader in 2010. He became the Program Lead for NTP in 2011 and 2012 and ran the program with a proverbial Ironman fist. Bryan has also been the club volunteer contact for Nation’s Triathlon and the Washington DC Triathlon aid stations on the run course for the last four years.

As part of the 2013 and 2014 DC Triathlon Club Board of Directors, Bryan will serve in the roll of Director of Programs overseeing not just NTP, from where he started, but all of the other programs offered by the club including the Olympic Speed Program, Half Ironman Program, Ironman Program, Off-Season Spin Program, Masters Swim Program, and the DCTri/Snapple Elite team, on which he also competes as team member.

His 2014 race schedule includes: Rock n' Roll USA Half, the Boston and NYC marathons, ITU Chicago, Black Bear Half, Musselman Half, and a few other races here and there. 

Adam Stolzberg Director, Club Racing »

Adam grew up playing soccer and tennis in Montgomery County, MD at the age of 6. Although he had the option to join a swim team, he prefered playing in the water and running no more than 10 yards on the court or field. Running further was just dumb.

After college, he got into mountain biking and running to be social. Soon after, he discovered triathlon and having the attitude “Hey, I can power through water, no problem!” However, Adam discovered that it wasn't as easy as he had hoped. After a 7 year hiatus, he join the DC Triathlon Club in 2008 in order to be more social and figure out how to swim.

He still has a lot to learn but has since done two Ironman triathlons and races about seven triathlons a year.

Adam joined the board in 2012 as the Events Coordinator and in between learning-not-to drown sessions, is responsible for setting up Club Racing and Training this year. Feel free to email him at

Gabi Torres Director, Club Training »

Gabi tried out the sport of triathlon in 2009 after she bought her first road bike, but didn’t return to the sport until 2013 when she joined the DC Tri Club to participate in the ODSP Program. Since then she has immersed herself in the world of triathlons completing multiple sprint and Olympic distance races and her first half Ironman in June of 2014. So far Raleigh 70.3 was the best day of her life, but that might change after she takes on Ironman Louisville in August!

Gabi has enjoyed taking full advantage of everything the club has to offer from training swims, rides and runs, to the ODSP and Ironman programs, to participating in and volunteering at training races, weekends and bricnics, and of course club social events. She is excited to join the board and give back to the club. She joins the board as the Director of Club Training and is looking forward to overseeing the training ambassadors program, CUA swims, BricNics and training weekends.

Robin Myers Director, Club Partnerships & Sponsors »

Robin joined the club in 2006 as a part of the New Triathlete Program (NTP). Right after she finished her program she left DC and moved out west where she continued to compete in triathlon for a couple years until she fell off the wagon. She was an avid runner before doing tris so after vegetating on the couch she decide to get back into running by signing up for the Goofy Challenge in Orlando (starting out with small races.) She moved back to DC in 2010 and decided to give triathlon another try. In 2013, Robin completed her first Half Ironman distance (Musselman) and now can't wait to sign up for a full (that will wait for awhile.) Robin was an active volunteer with the club in 2013. Along with volunteering at numerous events she was also a co-leader of the 2013 NTP program.

Robin is very excited to step into her next roll as Director of Club Partnerships and Sponsors for 2014. In this role, she will maintain and work to find new partners and sponsors to benefit the DC Tri Club members.

Jen Hartz Director, Gear & Merchandise »

Becky Hirselj Director, Membership Development »

 Becky completed her first sprint and Olympic distance events in 2008, fell in love with the sport, and became a member of the club shortly thereafter.  In 2009 she completed her first half IronMan distance event, EagleMan, and swore that she’d never do a full distance race.  Five years later, she’s completed four IronMan events and has two on the schedule for this season.  Obviously she has nothing else to spend her time or money on!

Becky has had the opportunity of participating on the PeasantMan War Council for three of the last five years (as the volunteer director in 2011 and 2012 and the sponsorship director in 2014).  She also served as the High Cloud Foundation volunteer director in 2012.  This is her first time serving on the DC Tri Club Board.  Becky is looking forward to serving the club in the newly established role of Membership Development Director.   She looks forward to meeting and getting to know you all and helping the club become even better than it already is.
In the 2014 season Becky has competed/will be competing at:  Challenge Rimini (a half iron event), Eagleman HIM, IronMan Lake Placid, Age Group Nationals (Oly), IronGirl Columbia, Mont Tremblant World Championship (HIM), and IronMan Arizona.

Angela Norcross Director, Club Events »

After years of encouragement from friends, Angela joined the DC Tri Club in January 2013 and enrolled in NTP. She learned a lot from the program and valued the mentoring she received from club veterans and the encouragement and support of other NTPers. In her first year of triathlons, Angela competed in the sprint distances at Peasantman, Naylor's Beach and Tri for the Environment, and completed her first Oly at Nation's. She enjoyed volunteering and participating in club events including the Columbia Bric-nic, Splash 'n Dash, Battle of the Tri Clubs swim meet, training triathlons, Master's Swim, Spooky 5k/10k, the Holiday Lights run and the many happy hours.

As a member of DC Tri Club, Angela has enjoyed meeting new people who share similar interests and forming long-lasting friendships. She is excited to be the Director of Club Events and bring club members, old and new, together in 2014.

Rachel Dolan Director, Marketing & Communications »

 Rachel has been a member of DCTri since 2011. After growing up a swimmer and getting into running after college - she figured 2 out of 3 wasn't bad and decided to give triathlons a shot. The triathlon bug bit hard and Rachel raced her first Ironman up in Lake Placid in 2013, loving it so much she decided to do another IM in 2014. You can likely find her at any given time at a master's swim practice, cycling at Hains Pt, running in Rock Creek or riding hills out in Potomac. 

New to the board this year, Rachel is excited to help increase DC Tri's presence in the community and interact more directly with members online and in person.

Elizabeth Corona Director, Community Development & Outreach »

Elizabeth joined the DC Triathlon Club in 2011 when a friend convinced her to participate in the NTP program. She quickly found that multisport training was a great way to get back into shape after recovering from surgery and immediately fell in love with the sport. Initially she intended to stick to just sprint and olympic distance races, but by 2013 it didn't take much convincing to get her to sign up for and complete her first 70.3 (Musselman).

Since joining the Club, Elizabeth has increasingly sought out ways to give back to the community, such as by volunteering at events and cheering on Club members at various races. She joined the board in 2014 as the Director of Club Community Development and Outreach. In this capacity she will focus on advocating and building opportunities for under-represented segments of the Club and developing and managing an Advocacy agenda.

Niklaus Pleisch Director, Volunteer Management »

Nik ventured into the sport of triathlon in 2007, but thanks to an injury and a deployment with the US Air Force, he didn't compete in his first triathlon until 2009 in San Luis Obispo, CA. After a couple seasons of Sprint and Olympic races, his wife Jodie (whose first triathlon season was in 2006), suggested stepping up to an Ironman. So Nik and Jodie completed their first Ironman together at Ironman Wisconsin on 9/11/11. Two 140.6s and three 70.3s later, Nik's favorite race is the half-iron distance.

Nik and Jodie attended the University of Michigan and lived in Georgia, California and Ohio before moving to the DC area and joining the DC Tri Club in 2012. He wanted a quick way to meet as many new people as possible, and thus joined the board as the Director of Membership the same year.

Nik's time commitment to triathlon has taken a step back since finishing Chesapeake Man last fall, as Jodie gave birth to their first child and future triathlete, Christian, on 11/2/12. Nik separated from the Air Force in 2010 and now owns the first branch of Transamerica Financial Advisors in the DC/Northern Virginia area.

Justin Bauer Director, Web & Technology »

Justin completed his first triathlon in 2010 and struggled mightily through the event. Amazed that he survived, he was hooked on the sport and loves the challenge of trying to master all three disciplines. After attempting to train on his own during the 2010 season, he joined the DC Tri Club in 2011. He has completed the Half Ironman Program, Ironman Program, and Olympic Speed Distance Program. He has learned a vast amount from other members and the club's programs, and he is very grateful for the time others have given to the club. He looks forward to passing on knowledge and serving on the board. Justin assisted with the training ambassador program in 2013 and was elected to the board in 2014.

As the Director of Web & Technology, he is happy to handle any website or technical concerns.

Matt Ferguson Director, Club Programs (2015) »

From childhood through college Matt played every team sport possible.  Though running played its part, it wasn't until a post-college run with a friend (16 miles along the San Diego coastline) that it became much more.  He was instantly hooked on distance running and triathlon was soon to follow.  Since then Matt has competed at every run distance from 5K to the Marathon and every triathlon distance from Sprint to the IronMan.  Current USAT All-American and former member of the US Duathlon National Team, Matt will be aiming for 70.3 and IronMan World Championships as well as strong efforts in London and Berlin to round out the Marathon Majors.

Matt has been an active member of the DC Tri Club since 2005.  He has long served as a coach, mentor, and volunteer for various club programs and events and looks forward to doing even more to help our athletes realize their full potential in his role as Director of Programs.