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APRIL 11, 2011 * Nutrition
Nutrition Edge - Vol 1

The Lasting Energy Myth

Imagine you're at your local nutrition store, trying to choose between two sports drinks. One contains complex carbohydrates and not much sugar, which, according to the packaging, provides "lasting energy" during exercise. The other sports drink contains a lot more sugar and says nothing about sustained energy . Which sports drink should you buy?
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Do You Need To Carbo Load?

The practice of increasing carbohydrate intake before racing is a longstanding tradition in endurance sports. It began when athletes discovered that their endurance seemed to improve when they loaded up on carbs in the days preceding a longer race. Its popularity exploded in the 1960s, when a Swedish exercise scientist named Gunvar Ahlborg discovered that carbo loading worked by greatly increasing muscle glycogen stores, which are the limiting fuel supply for athletes in races.
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The Vegetarian Athlete

There is no question that vegetarians can perform at the highest levels of endurance sports. Dave Scott was a vegetarian throughout his legendary career as a triathlete, and that didn't stop him from winning six Ironman titles. Even strict vegans can excel as endurance athletes . Champion ultrarunner Scott Jurek does not consume animal-related foods of any kind, including dairy products and honey.
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