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JULY 30, 2014 * Highlights
Triathlete Nutrition Seminar
Are you someone who knocks out their workout in the morning and then jumps right into their busy schedule? Are you struggling to come up with healthy and satisfying morning eats to power you through your day?

JULY 22, 2014 * Highlights
Twilight Tuesday DC Tri Club and TriOut Happy Hour - Vida Fitness Penthouse!
Ask and ye shall receive! Back by popular demand, we have scheduled one last opportunity this summer to enjoy the Vida Fitness U Street Penthouse Pool & Lounge!

JULY 8, 2014 * Highlights
DC Tri Wave at Nation's Tri
Did you miss the chance to sign up for our specially designated club wave for the Olympic distance race at Nation's? It's not too late.

If you are a paid DC Tri Club member and would like to switch into this wave, send an email to Karen. We have until JULY 30 to take advantage of this opportunity. Head out at the front of the pack with the rest of the club! (DC Tri Club only wave participants are not eligible for Age Group awards.)  FMI and Q's check the forum.

JULY 2, 2014 * Special Offers
Get Your DC Tri Gear for Nation's Tri


Racing Nation's Triathlon? Stock up on your DC Tri Gear now!

We are offering a 10% discount on all LG purchases made between now and midnight on Monday. Get your order in by midnight on Monday to be included in the group buy and to get your gear delivered in time for Nation's Tri

Place your order here.

JUNE 4, 2014 * Highlights
Mid Atlantic Club Championships - North East Triathlon
See that up above?  Where it says "CHAMPIONS// 7x Mid-Atlantic Champions"?

UPDATE: $15 off registration now with our members only code!!  Code expires Wednesday night 7/23.

Help us make that 8 TIMES and sign up for North East Triathlon on August 24, 2014! The race is in Maryland just off of I-95 before the Delaware border.  International distance only count towards USAT-MA Club Championship points.

MARCH 31, 2014 * Highlights
CUA Swims
DC Tri Club has all 6 lanes of the Catholic University pool on Mon/Wed evenings, 6:30-8:00 pm, starting Feb 10 through Aug 27. The fee will be $5 cash for each practice to cover the pool rental and lifeguards. 3-4 workouts at various levels will be provided, and Paul Waas (CUA head swim coach) will be on deck to provide assistance. More info...

MAY 29, 2013 * Why I Tri
Age Group Training Diaries - Claudia Blackburn #3
We continue with the third entry from Age Group triathlete Claudia Blackburn, aka "Ironmaiden".

At altitude she challenges herself in a triathlon training camp. Find out just how difficult it is to swim 25 yards and be out of breath as she takes us through her latest adventure!


MAY 17, 2013 * Why I Tri
Age Group Training Diaries - Ben Lookner #3
This week we learn more in the third installment of the Age Group training diaries from Ben Lookner. Ben describes how his tactics have evolved since last season. What changed? What's new? Is he still peeing on his waterbottles?

MAY 15, 2013 * Why I Tri
The Training Diaries - Lindsey Jerdonek #8
"The Training Diaries" is a monthly series of posts by Lindsey Jerdonek, a DC Tri Club member, and third-year professional triathlete. In January 2012 Lindsey quit her day job and made the move to racing as a full-time pro triathlete.  This is the eigth installment of her epic journey through triathlon awesomeness.