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Bios {Program Leaders}


Catharine Myung PROGRAM LEADER
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Catharine joined the DC Triathlon Club in 2011 when looking into something that was going to help her cross train while training for her first marathon. Once she joined the New Triathlete Program, however, Catharine was hooked on her new sport! Now it looks like she’ll run that marathon once she conquers her first Ironman at Lake Placid this year. Catharine volunteered to be part of the Masters swimming program in order to force herself to the pool 3 times a week. It worked! Not only does she go to the pool regularly, but she even helps the new swimmers. Catharine is also one of the co-program leaders for the New Triathlete Program to get more people to join the cult of triathlons. When she isn’t biking, running, or swimming – she likes to look for the best burgers in town, and, more importantly, nap in front of a tv that has some terrible (read: awesome!) reality show on.  

Liana Rosen Program LEADER

Swimming was the gateway sport that lured Liana into the triathlon world. She swam competitively as a kid on both club and varsity teams and was captain of her high school swimming and diving team. Liana picked up cycling in college and after too many years of simply dabbling in the separate disciplines, she decided to put them together and join the DC Tri Club. Liana views coaching for the DC Tri Club's masters swim program as a way to give back to the DC triathlon community. Through coaching, she hopes to share her passion for the water and develop a new generation of lifelong swimmers! 

Claudia Blackburn program coach

A ten-year veteran of on- and off-road triathlons, Claudia has participated in some very unique venues to address her swim form and shear panic in open water. From coast guard rescue training in the early years to training camps in Boulder Colorado, she has become an unlikely student of a sport that once was her weakest. She is a USMS certified coach.

Rachel Dolan program coach

Rachel has been a member of the DC Tri Club since 2011 and a swimmer for as long as she can remember. Her swimming experience includes a lifetime of summer swim teams, a few years as a competitive swimmer and a season on the UGA club team. She was an assistant swim coach for three summers and also taught swim lessons. Rachel is also the Director of Communications on the DC Tri Club's Board of Directors. A butterflyer at heart, Rachel loves to encourage swimmers to learn new strokes and techniques (like flip turns and intervals!) to round out their swimming experience and help them improve. Rachel is a two time Ironman finisher -- Lake Placid 2013 and Wisconsin 2014 -- with a number of 70.3s under her belt..

Mary Liebman program coach

After five years of working around triathlons and watching other people cross the finish line, Mary decided to put her swimming background to good use and joined the DC Tri Club in December 2013. She grew up a pool rat and swam at the varsity level through high school. After high school, she worked her way up from lifeguard to aquatics director and coach at neighborhood pools and camps, teaching everyone from 4 months to 70 years old how to swim. Most recently, Mary worked for a charity fundraising program, supporting hundreds of experienced and first-time triathletes training for sprint to Ironman distance races. She is excited to be back in the pool and back on deck. Mary loves helping new swimmers and triathletes learn to "feel the water." As a newcomer to DC, Mary decided to volunteer with MSP to get to know some awesome people who understand the value of a good pull buoy and appreciate the constant eau de chlorine.

Julianne Miata program coach
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Julianne (Jule) has been a member of the DC Triathlon Club since 2010. She began participating in triathlons in 2007 when a friend from school suggested she do a race using her dad’s bike. Despite nearly finishing dead-last, she fell in love with the sport. Jule attended Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA, graduating with a degree in accounting in 2009. While at W&L, Jule was a four year member of the varsity swim team and a two year member of the varsity track team. During her first year after college, Jule took a break from the pool to focus on her running - competing in her first marathon in the Spring of 2010. Since then she has enjoyed dedicating her training efforts towards triathlons. Jule has also been involved with athletic coaching and fitness instruction. She coached summer swimming and gave private lesson instruction for 5 years before beginning her full time job at Ernst & Young as a CPA and is currently one of the volunteer co-leaders of the DC Tri Master Swim program. Jule is also an ACE Certified Fitness Instructor, currently training as a bootcamp and spinning instructor at Results Gym

Kim Orsulak program coach

Kim joined MSP in 2014 with more than five years of swim instruction and coaching experience, ranging from the (not so) organized chaos of summer camps to triathletes completing their first swim. She is a lapsed runner, but is slowly working back from a knee injury sustained in the normally contactless sport of congressional softball and a self-imposed hiatus as penalty for abusing running as a procrastination technique while completing a graduate thesis. Avidly opposed to the bike due to lingering physical therapy-related PTSD, Kim is working up to an aquathon soon.

Emerson Padiernos program coach

High on “Hope and Change” after the 2008 election, Emerson found triathlons after meeting fellow DC Tri Club member and MSP coach Claudia Blackburn. Outside of playing volleyball and chess, and finishing a couple of marathons, his interest in multisport events emerged relatively recently. Although Emerson describes his swimming prior to 2008 as mostly “bobbing” and “doggy-paddling,” his swimming technique and speed in the water has vastly improved with the help of friends, numerous coaches, countless hours reading books, watching YouTube videos and practicing endless drills. Since the end of his doggy-paddle days, he has completed numerous triathlons, beginning with a super sprint in 2009 and including IM Lake Placid in 2013! Emerson decided to become a peer-coach to help give back to the sport and club that has given him so much happiness, better health, and amazing friends. Motivated by food, friends, and promise of a faster finish time, Emerson prioritizes and aspires mastery of technique over speed in the water..

David Payne program coach

David joined DC Tri Club in January 2011 through the New Triathlete Program to fulfill a long time dream of completing a triathlon. Little did he know at the time, but he'd be hooked. After finishing his first Half Ironman, IM 70.3 Augusta, David is looking forward to July, where he'll go up against Ironman Lake Placid. He was led to volunteer with Masters Swim as a way to immerse himself more and give back to the club. He is also one of the Half Ironman co-program leads.

Will Schaffer program coach

Will is a life-long water lover. He began his competitive swimming career at age 8 and spent the next 14 years dedicated to the sport. At Princeton University, Will was an All-American and Olympic Trial qualifier, specializing in IM, breaststroke and mid-distance freestyle. Will picked up triathlon shortly after finishing college and has been training and competing in triathlons, road races and open water races for the last four years. He has completed a marathon and half Ironman and hopes to one day get organized enough to do a full Ironman. Will is also a volunteer coach with the Georgetown University swim team..

Katherine Tobin program coach
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Katie started dabbling in triathlons in 2010 and finally admitted that she was hooked in 2011, thanks in no small part to the Master's swim team. She was a competitive swimmer and water polo player in elementary, middle, and high schools (including playing on a semi-pro team in Switzerland) and started biking while in graduate school. Running came later, usually as a result of signing up for half marathons with friends after having one or more glasses of wine. In 2011, she completed the Alcatraz challenge (1.5 mi swim, 7 mi run) and a Charlottesville sprint tri. 2012 was a busy season: Rumpass in Bumpass Oly, San Diego ITU Oly, Total 200 (200 KM ride), General Smallwood Oly, Washington’s Crossing Open Water Swim, Luray Oly & Sprint, Rev3 Cedar Point Half Rev Aquabike, Warrenton Sprint, Ironman 70.3 Augusta, and the Giant Acorn Oly and Sprint. Firmly demonstrating that sleep is overrated, Katie is now gearing up for Ironman Tahoe in 2013. Despite this plan to “go the distance,” her favorite distance is the sprint and enjoys mentoring new triathletes as they begin their journeys into the most fun sport ever. In the rare occasions she is not wearing spandex and a heart rate monitor, Katie enjoys delicious kitchen experiments and globetrotting. She is also one of the Half Ironman co-program leads.