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Bios {Program Leaders}

Allison Nordberg Program Leader

Allison joined the NTP program in 2012 after watching one too many stages of the Tour de France and Ironman World Championship. Despite finishing her first triathlon in 102° heat, she was hooked on the sport! Since then she has completed races at every distance, including her first Ironman in 2014. Her ultimate bucket list race is to make it up the 21 switchbacks of the L’Alpe d’Huez Triathlon.

Will Grant Program Coach
legalmoose »

Will has been racing triathlons since 2005, when he was a member of the inaugural DC Tri Club NTP class. He’s been a co-leader of the program since 2006, helping folks get to their first triathlon for the last nine seasons. Will has raced every distance, including Ironman Louisville in 2010, but particularly enjoys the sprint and Olympic distances since, “you can train for them and still have a social life.” When he’s not training, Will is an attorney for the Federal government, a gamer, an avid reader, and a knitter.

Jason Brezinski Program Co-leader
jbrez »

Jason joined the DC Tri Club in 2011 as a member of NTP. He had never participated in a race and his only sports background is ice hockey. Triathlon has completely changed his life, dropping 40 pounds in just over a year and competing in all distances of multisport from olympic to ironman. He works as an engineer who travels 70-80% of the year and is very familiar with balancing work and training while on the road.

Catharine Myung Program Co-Leader
rojojade »

Catherine joined the DC Triathlon Club in 2011. She was looking for something to help her cross-train while training for her first marathon, but once she joined the New Triathlete Program, Catharine was hooked on her new sport! Catharine has completed a few half ironmans, Olympics, and sprint distances. One of her favorite things about NTP and the DCTri club is that they've helped her find her inner athlete! NTP was an amazing support base and cheering squad during her myriad injuries and subsequent triumphs, and that's why she's excited to be one of the NTP co-leads - to make new triathletes feel welcomed and supported. Catharine is also a certified swim coach, lifeguard, and started the DCTri Club Masters swim program. She is excited to help all swimmers of all abilities to love swimming as much as she does, as she didn't start swimming until she started NTP. And when her life isn't consumed by all things triathlons, she loves to ski, hike, rock climb, look for the best burgers in town, and, most importantly, nap in front of a tv!

Mark Raugust Program Co-Leader
mjraugust »

Returning NTP co-lead Mark Raugust joined the DC Tri-Club in 2012 as part of the NTP program. Prior to taking up triathlons Mark was an avid cyclist and trained martial arts for 10 years. Mark has planned a challenging Tri season for 2015 including his first full Ironman. When not training Mark cooks and does consular work for the U.S. government.

David Payne Program Co-Leader
DPain »

David has been doing triathlon since joining NTP in January 2011. What was supposed to be a one-off triathlon race has turned into four seasons, races, and distances ranging from sprint to ironman. He became a NTP co-leader because he loves to bring newbies to the sport and to share with them the high of racing his non-triathlon friends refer to as "more expensive than a drug habit". You can often catch David running on the Sligo Creek Trail or at Wilson Aquatic Center swimming or on deck as one of the DC Tri Club Masters Swim Program coaches.

Josh Ferguson Program Co-leader
Hcjosh »

Josh joined DC Tri Club in 2014 as part of the NTP program. After 2 years of cycling due to some (much needed) healthy lifestyle changes, he was looking for more. Josh did his first race with NTP in June and was hooked. He went on to complete 3 more tri's including Timberman 70.3, and his first marathon in late October. When not training Josh is a health coach, avid reader, and animal lover.

David Eng Program Co-leader
bronxking »

David joined the DC Tri Club in 2013 as a member of NTP. In his quest to find a new challenge, David decided that a triathlon would suffice. David completed three Olympic-distance triathlons in his rookie season. Since then, David has gone on to finish the San Francisco Marathon and three half-Ironman distance races. David loves running and climbing hills with reckless abandon. David also thrives on stress and works as a healthcare attorney.

Nia Dickett Program Co-Leader
niadickett »

Nia joined the DC Tri Club last year as a NTP member. Prior to doing triathlons, she ran two marathons. For her first year, Nia did four triathlons - two sprints and two olympic distances. She is looking forward to this year, completing her first half Ironman, and working with a great group of new triathletes. While Nia is not training, she works at an international development firm overseeing staff development and training.

Kyoko Kawai Program co-Leader
kawaik »

Kyoko joined the DC Triathlon Club in 2011 as a participant in the New Triathlete Program . After she completed her first triathlon, she has raced every distance, including Ironman Lake Placid in 2013 and Ironman Mount Tremblant in 2014. She believes that the NTP provided her a solid foundation to enjoy and face the challenges of triathlon training and races. As she is taking a break from IRONMAN training in 2015, she wants to serve as a co-leader of NTP to give back to the program. When she has time off from triathlons, she likes to be on the water and compete in sailing races.

Peter Roady Program Co-Leader
peterr »

Peter got his start in triathlon thanks to the NTP class of 2013. A long-time cyclist and runner, he couldn't swim across a 25 yard pool when he started in January. Some swimming lessons and the excellent NTP swim clinics helped him across the finish line of his first sprint triathlon a few months later. Since then, he has competed in races at all distances, including Ironman Maryland in 2014. When he isn't swimming, biking, and running, you can find Peter hanging out with his dog Jackson in Rock Creek Park.

Alex Shiroma Program Co-Leader
ashiroma »

Alex joined the DC Tri Club as part of the 2013 NTP class. He was looking for a reason to get back into the pool and start swimming again and had recently started cycling with friends, he thought triathlons could be that reason. Alex has been a volunteer at several DC Tri Events but this is his first year being a co-leader. He has raced several sprint races and looks forward to tackling the Olympic distance after having to drop out of his only planned race last year due to injury. When he is not training, Alex is an IT Consultant for the federal government and enjoys snowboarding, auto racing, traveling, and good food.