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Train {Get Out there!}
EVERY TUE, THR 6:30 am * Bike
Hains Point Tu/Th Rides
ALL Levels 60-90 mins

About 1 - 1.5 hrs of laps around Hains Point, sometimes with a short run afterwards. Group dependent on weather and race schedules but can grow to 25+ in the summer. Various abilities.

Meet at the corner of Ohio and Buckeye at 6:30am--the "S" on the map below. (Look for Patrick riding a black Cannondale road or TT bike.)

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Intended workout is often posted the night before. Please post with your desired pace to help subgroups of similar ability to form.

Since this is a looping ride and the pace can accelerate, it's common for all of us to get dropped by the pack--sometimes on every lap.  Don't worry though, and don't feel frustrated. This is how you know you're going to get faster.  There are two ways to rejoin the group:
1) cut through the parking lot at the bottom of the short loop (although there are rarely cars in the parking lot early in the morning, be watchful!)
2) make a u-turn early in the red, out and back portion.

Often the pace won't slow as people get dropped, but it's not because we don't like you, it's just because we only have about 60 minutes to get our workout in and we're hoping you'll jump back in.

"Meet at the stop sign": the corner of Ohio and Buckeye (marked with an S on the map below). 
Short Loops: see green loops on the map (about 3.1 miles)
Long Loops: green loop PLUS the red out and back portion (7 miles?)
"The bathroom": Often the end for a sprint.  See the bathroom marked on the map at the end of the green loop right above the "Po" in "East Potomac Park."  There's literally a white line painted across the road at this point (try to get to it first).

Like all group rides please follow the rules of etiquite of group riding--it keeps us all safe!