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2014 {volunteers}


The club plays a very active role in the local triathlon community and volunteers are vital to this role!  Not only is volunteering a great way to meet other club members and give back to the community, races and events could never happen without the volunteer support.

In 2014, club members donated more than 5,000 hours of their collective time to ensure the club was successful!

The Board of Directors would like to acknowledge and thank the many hard working members who stepped up and offered their time in 2014. Whether you gave 1 hour or 100+ hours to the club, every effort counts and we want to take a minute to shine a light on those that gave back to the club. Please take a minute to thank the following members for their hard work and dedication to this club!

The following members were recognized by their peers as going above and beyond for 2014.

Amanda Chadwick

Pam Simmonds 

Will Grant

Chris Jackson

Cat Myung

Allison Nordberg

Steve O'Donnell

Jen Carroll

Ed Moser

Tuan Nguyen

Jason Brez

David Payne

Mark Raugust

David Eng

Hillary Peabody

Stephanie Brown

Patrick Pannett

Khang Ho

Cindy Hutchings

Dena Richardson

Sean Pierce

Diane Donahue

Lynn Follansbee

Kimberley Kruse

Karen Willard

Pablo Torres