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DC Tri Club's partnerships include the following stores and online retailers, and we are always working with our partners and members to ensure the greatest benefits. To access discount codes, please log in and visit our members-only partner page >>

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact

Partners (in alphabetical order)
Atlas Fitness
Exclusive strength training group sessions for Club members and 10% off all services.
Website »
Bicycle Pro Shop
10% off bikes, 15% off accessories, and 10% off labor (including bike fitting)
Website »
Diamondback Bicycles
Up to 40% off all Diamondback products
Website »
Fast Track Sports Medicine and Performance Center
- 10% off run, bike, and swim specialty services; personal training; sports massage; sports nutrition consultations. - Free injury consultations by Fast Track physical therapists onsite at a practice location of choice. - Direct communication with coach regarding plan of care - Access to seminars
Website »
Luray Sprint & Olympic Triathlons
$10 off registration
Website »
Multisport in Motion
Coach AJ Morrison is the coach of the DC Tri Club's Half Ironman and Ironman Training Programs, as well as athletes seeking individualized coaching.
Website »
50% off Osmo's products
Website »
Potomac River Running
10% off all merchandise, $5 off =PR= branded races, 15% off =PR= training programs, as well as special store events for the Club.
Website »
15% discount on the Total 200 mile ride and 10% discount on the Total 200 km ride.
Website »
Revolution Cycles
10% discount on parts and accessories and group discounts on Retul powered bike fits
Website »
10% off all Rev3 races
Website »
Rose Physical Therapy Group
10% off all cash services, including out of pocket sessions and running assessments
Website »
Rudy Project
50% discount on gear
Website »
Sport & Spinal Physical Therapy
Complimentary injury screening and 10% off all cash services, including video running analyses, and massages
Website »
The Bike Rack
10% discount on parts, accessories and nutrition, priority service for race bikes, use of shop space for club events
Website »
The Nation's Triathlon
$25 off race entry
Website »
20% discount on premium athlete accounts
Website »
USA Rock 'n' Roll Marathon & 1/2
$15 off race entry
Website »
Visit USAT to learn about the benefits to USAT-sanctioned Clubs and their members, including race discounts!
Website »
Virginia | Maryland Triathlon Series
$10 discount on Virgina and Maryland Triathlon Series events
Website »
XTERRA Wetsuits
Special pricing not avail to the general public on XTERRA's full line of suits, including the top of the line Vendetta and the new Vengeance.
Website »
District Taco
District Taco will cater one DCTC event for up to 150 people and hold two fundraisers for the Club
Website »
Swim Outlet
Payback program gives money back to the Club!
Website »
Additional discount providers
20% off 2016 Columbia Tri
Website »
Redshift Sports
15% off of Quick-Release Aerobars and Dual-Position Seatpost, Free shipping, and 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
Website »
Lifetime membership and no fees to this online marketplace for athletes. Buy, sell, or trade your stuff!
Website »
Trainer Road
10% of annual membership or 1 free month; make sure you join the Trainer Road DCTC team!
Website »

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