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Race: High Cloud PeasantMan Triathlon 05/11/11 by BrianneKN

Was so excited to compete in my first Tri this past weekend at Peasantman. Despite some icky weather overnight, the race conditions were perfect and as we gathered on the shore to hear a proclamation from King Tuan, the energy was exhilirating.

Got through the swim okay, and into the ride when I noticed my back tire was flat. Pulled over to change the tire -- which I hadn't exactly learned how to do yet -- and was immediately assisted by Lindsay, my hero, who taught me what I needed to know. When the tire wouldn't lay flat, Adam and Lisa popped by to help, and I was rolling again for a little while. Ultimately the tire wouldn't hold air, so I had to walk the bike back the rest of the course. But lots of encouragement from fellow peasants and an eventual ride back from the Revo road crew helped me get on to the run.

In all, it was a great race, a great experience, and I'm happy to have worked out some kinks before the DC Tri.

Thanks to all my helpers and to all the volunteers at Peasantman.