2020 Member Spotlight – John Fei

March, 2020

How did you get involved in triathlons?

Guess what? I’m one of a few…and I know you’re out there…DC Tri members who don’t really do triathlons. I first got involved with DC Tri back in 2013 when I was swimming at Wilson, saw a bunch of folks with red T-shirts coaching, and asked one of them what the deal was. That person was Katie Tobin.

What was your first triathlon?

Chicago triathlon! A few months after joining DC Tri Master’s Swim Program, I moved to Chicago for work. I enjoyed having close access to open water swimming in Lake Michigan, and connected with a bunch of Chicago Tri Club folks. Our relay team came in fourth, not bad considering the answer to the next question…..

Do you have any memorable races or experiences?

As the swimmer on our Chicago triathlon relay team, I waited for almost five minutes in the transition zone for our cyclist to show up. We all had a laugh…perhaps I swam too fast?

What do you enjoy outside of swimming?

When I’m not swimming, I sometimes watch people swim…as a Master’s Swim Coach. When I’m not breathing chlorine fumes, I’m a utilitarian cyclist, enjoy the outdoors, reading, and cooking. Oh, and sometimes befriending animals….

Any fun facts about yourself that you’d like to share?

While I was capable of not drowning in high school, I really learned how to swim as an adult. So, for all you tri folks out there who fear the swim…don’t!