DC Triathlon Club

Brian Bachor

June, 2018
“Taking myself seriously is not my strong suit”.

Brian Bachor

Date of Birth/Location: 1983 in Suffern, NY
Years Racing: 10
Athletic Background: Eating
Height: 5’11”
Strengths on the course: Eating
Goals for 2018: Make it back to Kona in 2018
Favorite Places To Train: Bike trainer (I’m sure that says a lot about me, and none of it is good)
Favorite thing when not swimming, biking, or running: Eating (we’ve been over this)
Favorite food: Sweet potatoes
Fun Fact: I am incapable of not saying hello to every dog
Fav Race distance: 1/2 Ironman (since it’s only half the work yet most
people still confuse it with “Ironman”)
Fav Race: MusselMan 1/2 Ironman

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/brian.bachor.7

2018 Race Schedule:

  • Ironman Lake Placid