DC Triathlon Club

Wetsuits and Gear Clearance

November 4, 2017
Contact Info: gear@dctriclub.org

Used wetsuits

Looking for a bargain on a wetsuit? Look no further than these $30-$50 deals! Check out our inventory. These are used XTERRA wetsuits, a few years old, but in good condition and a great option for a first wetsuit. Upon purchase, these are available for local pickup in Alexandria (we will contact you after the purchase with details).

2016 color scheme gear

Do you have some old gear that is wearing out and you want to replace a specific piece and want it to match the colors of your old gear? Want to buy Club gear at bargain prices?

We still have select sizes remaining of the old color scheme gear in our hands and we want to get rid of it! So we have put this old gear on deep discount sale prices. Take a look at our inventory (pictures included) and see if there is anything you might want. This is a great chance to get old colored Club gear at deeply discounted prices. Visit the Shop on this website now while supplies last. GEAR SHOP»

Items will be available for pickup in Alexandria typically within a day or two after ordering or they will be mailed out on the Monday after ordering.