DC Triathlon Club

2020 Dumpster Fire Virtual Triathlon

August 13, 2020
Contact Info: events@dctriclub.org

DC Triathlon Club 2020 Dumpster Fire Virtual Triathlon

The year started off with so many aspirations, so many ideas, so many dreams, and we saw so many new eager faces joining our NTP program. Everyone had so many new challenge goals, training & racing goals, life-long hopes coming into the year, and then a pandemic hit and all those goals and ideas went into the dumpster. And to make matters worse, that dumpster caught on fire, and the firemen, firewomen, and fire-nongender/binary-persons were self-isolating and quarantining as well and thus were not there to put out the fire.


So we here at the DC Triathlon Club want to acknowledge all the efforts that you have put in to abide by the regional ordinances and physically distance yourself from others, to train by yourself, to stress over not having a pool to swim in (for some of you), and to not have that racing outlet that so many of us have come to know and love as a focus in which to put all of our energy, frustration, and anger. We also want to show our appreciation for you sticking with us through this year and continuing to be members of one of the best triathlon clubs in the nation. So without further ado:


The DC Triathlon Club proudly presents:

2020 Dumpster Fire Virtual Triathlon


The 2020 Dumpster Fire Virtual Triathlon is a chance for you to put all that training that you have or have not been doing throughout the pandemic to use in a fun event. This event is only a race if YOU want it to be a race! You can make this as fun or as serious as you want to take it. There will be three distance options that will include a bike leg, a run leg, and an athlete’s choice leg since we know that not everyone has ready access to a swimming venue.


The three legs can be:

  • Done in a single day continuously OR over multiple days or spaced out however you would like.
  • Indoors or outdoors.
  • The distances do not have to be EXACT, but should be AT LEAST the prescribed distances.


The “race” options (remember: it doesn’t have to be a race unless YOU want it to be) are:

  1. Sprint Distance (5 min athlete choice / 12.4 mile bike / 3.1 mile run)
  2. Olympic Distance (10 min athlete choice / 24.8 mile bike / 6.2 mile run)
  3. Half Distance (15 min athlete choice / 56 mile bike / 13.1 mile run)

You can complete these distances on the course of your choosing! You can do loops at Hains Point. You can explore new roads and paths. You can do this on a mountain bike, on all gravel roads, or up a mountain! This is not an official race so we ask that you obey all traffic laws and signs and be wary of automobiles, trucks, other cyclists, runners, joggers, walkers, pets, children, adults acting like children, and whatever may be in front of you!


“Race Dates” and Results Submission:

  • You can do any of your events between Monday September 7 and Wednesday September 30th.
  • You can submit your results anytime between those dates as well (Monday September 7 and Wednesday September 30th).
  • Results submission ENDS at 11:59PM on Wednesday September 30th.
  • We know it will be slightly annoying, but we are going to ask you to submit your times in TWO (2) places, following these steps:
      1. Find your Bib Number from the 2020 DCTriClub Dumpster Fire Virtual Triathlon Confirmation List.
      2. In this handy dandy spreadsheet that we have created: 2020 Dumpster Fire Virtual Triathlon Results Spreadsheet» , please enter your bib number, select your distance, and enter the individual event times (bike, run, athlete choice). We ask that you play nice and not alter anyone else’s times as the spreadsheet is open to all to edit.
      3. The above spreadsheet will help you calculate your TOTAL time (adding all THREE (3) times together), which you will then submit into Webscorer once you have completed the events.
      4. Log into your Webscorer profile, from the PROFILES dropdown menu, select “My Racer Profile”. You should see the Dumpster Fire Virtual Triathlon as an Upcoming Race and the option to ENTER TIME. Enter the total time from above into Webscorer (format: HH:MM:SS) and select OK. Then you’re done!


Registration Information:

  • Registration will OPEN Monday August 17th.
  • Registration will CLOSE Sunday September 20th
  • You will need to create a WebScorer account in order to register. This is so you can submit your time.
  • Registration cost: $25; however:
      • If you are a participant of a 2020 training program (NTP, ODP, HIP, or IMP), then you can participate in the event for FREE!
      • If you renew your membership or sign up to become a DC Triathlon Club member BETWEEN Monday August 17th and Monday August 31st using the NO KIT $50 membership option, then we will email you a discount code to participate in the event for FREE!
  • Register for the 2020 Dumpster Fire Virtual Triathlon via Webscorer: DCTriClub Dumpster Fire Virtual Triathlon»


The SWAG (the what am I getting for my registration fee):

  • a one-of-a-kind limited edition 2020 Dumpster Fire Virtual Triathlon finisher medal
  • DC Triathlon Club socks
  • a special third item (we are hoping to have special 2020 Dumpster Fire Virtual Triathlon flannel pajama bottoms, because who is actually wearing pants these days?!?)
  • Note on swag: we will place the order for items AFTER registration has closed, so items will arrive sometime after the end of the event. Hopefully sometime in October, but we will update once the order has been submitted and we figure out turnaround time.


Awards and the Fun Stuff:

But WAIT, there’s more! Really, there is more. We are going to do awards! How does one do awards for a virtual race, you might ask? Well, awards are not always just based on speed and performance! We can give awards for other things. So get your thinking caps on about how you want to strive to win some of these awards:

  • BEST Finish line celebration as voted on by a secret group of people.
  • MOST likes on a post about your accomplishments. Post in our DCTriClub Virtual Triathlon Facebook Group to be considered or tag us on Instagram.
  • MOST creative “Athlete Choice” option as voted on by a secret group of people.
  • Awards for NTPers, ODPers, HIPers (but NOT hipsters), and IMPers; also voted on by secret groups of program co-leaders.
  • Additional awards that the secret group of people come up with and for which they want to give awards. We will post those here when we come up with them.



  1. What should you do for the “athlete’s choice?” Well… that’s your choice! That’s why it’s called the “athlete’s choice!” You COULD swim, but you could also go hiking, watch paint dry, do some gardening. It’s YOUR choice! Be creative though because see the awards list above!
  2. Do all the events have to be done back to back? No they don’t! You CAN if you want to, but they can be done on separate days and in any order you want!
  3. Between what dates can I do my events? You can do them any time between Monday September 7 and Wednesday September 30. WebScorer will stop accepting results at 11:59PM on Wednesday September 30.
  4. How do I know what pajama bottoms size I am? We are still working on the source of the custom pajama bottoms, so we don’t know exactly how they will size. So for now, select what size you might typically wear in pajama bottoms and we will send out a size confirmation check once we have the source selected.
  5. What are the awards going to be? We don’t know yet. We’ll think of something fun.
  6. What is the answer to the ultimate question of life? 42.
  7. MORE answers will be added as questions arise or as we think of questions to answer.