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Color shift coming to DC Tri Club Louis Garneau kits

November 19, 2016
Contact Info: gear@dctriclub.org

Change is in the air this year!

To better align with some new gear being added to our lineup, DC Tri Club would like to announce that the . This change will allow the club to better color match new product offerings, and address some of the issues with our current colors within the LG line. We opted to deepen the blue and shift the red a bit, but don’t worry, the color shift is minimal and the logo and overall look of the DCTC kits will remain the same!

Want to see the new colors in action?

The DC Tri Club Snapple Team has been sporting the new color tweaks this year. See pictures below for the color comparison. New color scheme on LEFT. Old color scheme on RIGHT. The DC Tri club kit will NOT contain the sponsors of the Snapple team, but the design and color will match.


What does this mean for you?

Knowing this will affect those of you that have the current LG Kit colors, we are not making this change until next season. The fall group buy will be the LAST OPPORTUNITY TO BUY THE CURRENT COLOR SCHEME to exactly match whatever you have in your closests. We won’t be placing orders with the new color scheme until the 2017 season.  But, after this season, we will be fulfilling all LG orders with our new and improved color scheme.

Need new gear?

The DCTC shop will be opening for our 2nd group buy for LG on June 13th and will remain open through July 1st.