DC Triathlon Club

Neck Gaiters and Gloves

June 8, 2020
Contact Info: gear@dctriclub.org


Wear it as a neck warmer, hat, headband and in this crazy crazy pandemic world: a face mask. It can be folded in multiple ways for dependable protection in unexpected weather. Its light brushed fabric is soft and offers thermal properties. Fully sublimated, it is a canvas for creativity and a means of expressing your club colors. Never leave home without it!


Who said cycling gloves had to be hot, stuffy and annoying? Thanks to a perforated palm with Biogel® padding, X-shaped ventilation with patented Ergo Air® concept and a Power Mesh stretchable upper hand, the Biogel® RX-V gloves offer a well-padded cycling glove that will efficiently absorb vibrations and reduce pressure on your hands, with the comfort and breathability you need to keep them on throughout your ride.


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