DC Triathlon Club

Open Board of Directors Positions

June 11, 2019
Contact Info: president@dctriclub.org

The DC Triathlon Club Board of Directors is looking to fill one (1) vacancy amongst our ranks!

Normal Board terms are two year terms based on the calendar year, so these positions would be filled midyear with the term going through to the end of 2020. In addition, normally Board positions are elected at-large with specific roles being determined through discussions with the other incoming Board members and the returning Board members. However, in this instance, we are looking to fill now one specific role:

  • Director of Club Racing


This role is open to being molded and shaped as the Director sees fit, but a short general description of the role is as follows:

  • Director of Club Racing
    • Organize and manage the races in the Club Race Series (swimming meet, splash & dash, duathlons, etc.) Organize and manage the club’s featured races and race day ambassadors.
    • For a quick tour of the scope of the Club Race directorship, please go here: Club Races»
    • Ideally, we would like to have an individual who has participated or volunteered at some of the Club’s Training Races move into this role, but that is not a requirement.


We are more than happy to answer any questions about this role, the time involved, the responsibilities included, etc. Please reach out to president@dctriclub.org if you are interested or have additional questions! Don’t fret in that we will cut you loose once you are on the Board with no guidance or collaboration! We will work with the incoming Board members to get a lay of the land, understand the scope of the position, and get comfortable in the role. All Directorships are intertwined and work together, so there will always be others around to help out when needed.


Again, if you have more questions and are interested, please email president@dctriclub.org!