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Save the date in your race schedule for the I-95 Club Challenge (Philly and Nation’s Triathlons)

February 3, 2017
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Have you heard about the I-95 Tri Club Challenge? This is a friendly competition of Mid-Atlantic Clubs in two races in 2017: the Philly Triathlon on June 24-25th and the Nation’s Triathlon on September 10th. The events are now run by Premier Event Management (PEM) and they are taking care of the all the scoring. The club with the most points will be awarded the inaugural I-95 Tri Club Championship award, and top-performing athletes also have a chance to win entries into PEM’s Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. It’s going to be a fun Challenge and we want YOU to take part in it to help bring home the trophy!

In addition to this Challenge between Mid-Atlantic clubs, we are seeking to strengthen the bonds between Clubs in the triathlon community through special collaboration with the Philly Tri Club. We are collaborating to put together social activities during these two events, such as facilitating lodging for Club members traveling from DC to Philly and vice versa, organizing a pre-race dinner, pre-race training, and a post-race celebration. In fact, we are making the Philly Triathlon one of our Club’s featured races, so we’ll also have our Club tent there, food, etc. We want to make this a one-of-a-kind weekend and show our friends at the Philly Tri Club how much we want to race with them. Let’s set a precedent for the Philly Tri Club to also have a strong showing in our own racing grounds at the Nation’s tri.

We are going to setup a shared Facebook group for the event, so if you are thinking about racing or have already registered for either of these races, you will want to join the group to get all the details. In addition, we’ll setup a GoogleDoc to help planning efforts by getting a sense of how many athletes are interested in or already registered to race. This roster will help plan for lodging, social events, etc., so please add your name.

Stay tuned for additional details and make sure you take advantage of the $25 off discount!