DC Triathlon Club

Updated Code of Ethics & Harassment Policy

July 31, 2019
Contact Info: president@dctriclub.org

Did you know that the DC Triathlon Club has a Code of Ethics & Conduct Policy? Did you know that we actually have By-laws? And Mission and Values statements? Just like other organizations, we operate under a set of rules and guidelines by which we, the Board, must follow and by which we ask our members to adhere.


Every so often, we, the Board, review these statements and policies and update them when needed. For example, every few years, we revisit our Mission and Values and decide if they still apply to the Club or if they need to be shifted to accommodate a new focus or new priorities for the Club.


We recently reviewed the Club’s Code of Ethics & Conduct and after receiving advice from legal counsel, we made some small edits and additions to the Code of Ethics and formally approved them at our July Board meeting. In addition, upon advice from legal counsel, we developed an Anti Sexual Harassment Policy, which was also formally approved at our July Board meeting.


We encourage our members to read through these policies carefully. We expect all members to follow these policies during their time as a member with the Club.


For ease of access, the policies are linked here:


All of these policies, as well as our Mission & Values and Club By-laws can be found on the main homepage of the Club website under the drop down at the top titled “Club Info.”