DC Triathlon Club

Want to Join the Board of Directors?

July 9, 2020
Contact Info: president@dctriclub.org

As we begin to “re-open” the DC Triathlon Club, the Board of Directors is looking to fill our ranks out, and so we are seeking some enthusiastic club members to join our ranks and give back to our amazing Club! Now is the perfect time to join the Board. Since things are slow and as we slowly “re-open”, it is the perfect time to learn the ropes, get up to speed, and get comfortable in the role before we look to make 2021 a FUN and EXCITING year in the DC Triathlon Club!!

Several things to note. 1) Board of Director terms are normally two-year terms based on the calendar year, but these positions would be filled mid-year and serve through the end of 2021. 2) Board members are normally elected in November by the Club membership, but these positions would be accepted to the Board by unanimous vote of the currently serving Board members. 3) Board positions are normally elected at-large with specific roles being determined through discussions with the other incoming Board members and the returning Board members; however, in this instance, we are looking to fill several specific roles:


  • Director of Web/Technology
  • Director of Gear/Merchandise
  • Director of Events
  • Director of Training/Racing
  • Director of Partnerships


General obligations of DC Triathlon Club Board of Directors members include:


  • Attend a monthly Board of Directors meeting (every 2nd Monday of the month from 7-9PM).
  • Expect to commit an average of 2-5 hours per week for Club duties (some weeks might require more work, some weeks might require none at all).
  • Fulfill the duties of the particular Directorship (outlined below).
  • Work with the entire Board to implement our strategic plan for taking the Club forward.


These roles are open to being molded and shaped as the individual Director sees fit. The role can be expanded or changed as we see the changing dynamics of the club, the Mid-East USAT region, and the sport of triathlon in general. Here are very short descriptions of each role that we are looking to fill:


  • Director of Web/Technology
    • Someone familiar with WordPress language would be highly desired, but do NOT need to know ALL the ins & outs of WordPress as the major website changes/updates are done by our website developer/administrator.
    • Main point of contact for website issues, ensure issue resolution with web administrator.
    • Work with former Director of Web/Technology who has been generously donating his time to help out while the position has been vacant.
  • Director of Gear/Merchandise
    • Gear & merchandise management (procurement, inventory, and distribution).
    • Main point of contact on gear ordering and membership kit fulfillment.
    • Chance to work on new Club Gear/Merchandise items, to work on designs for new items.
    • Work with the representatives of Cutaway USA and Garneau for gear items, fulfillment, and kit designs.
    • Work with the current Director of Gear/Merchandise who had to move to CA and is doing the job from afar while we find a replacement.
  • Director of Events
    • In charge of the organizing the monthly happy hours (when they return), member meetings, and annual meeting.
    • Organize any additional social events (tailgate events, movie nights, etc) that are of interest to club members.
    • Support efforts of other directors that have a social aspect.
    • This role is currently empty, but several Board members have previously served in this role.
  • Director of Partnerships
    • Develop and maintain MOUs with current slate of partners.
    • Cultivate new and existing relationships.
    • Execute partner marketing and events.
    • Work with the current Director of Partnerships who has had to focus on saving his business during the pandemic.
  • Director of Training/Racing
    • Combination of former Director of Training and Director of Racing positions. If we get two people who are interested in this role, we can definitely go back to splitting the duties up.
    • Training – develop and grow the club’s training opportunities, which include the bricknics, camping weekends, and the weekly training events (Saturday ride, Wedensday track run, etc.)
    • Racing – organize and manage the training races (swimming meet, splash & dash, etc) as well as manage the club’s featured races and race day ambassadors.
    • This role is currently empty, but several Board members have previously served in this role.


Again, these are very short descriptions of the roles and are meant to be general ideas of what the roles entail and not detailed descriptions. And again, these roles are open to being molded and changed as a Director sees fit.

We are more than happy to answer any questions about this role, the time involved, the responsibilities included, etc. Please reach out to us board@dctriclub.org if you are interested or have additional questions! Don’t fret in that we will cut you loose once you are on the Board with no guidance or collaboration! We will work with the incoming Board members to get a lay of the land, understand the scope of the position, and get comfortable in the role. All Directorships are intertwined and work together, so there will always be others around to help out when needed.