DC Triathlon Club

NEW Club Partner: Zone3

February 17, 2019
Contact Info: partnerships@dctriclub.org

DC Triathlon is pleased to announce a new partnership with Zone3.   Zone3, the fastest growing triathlon swim brand in North America, is excited to present its award winning range of products. For wetsuits, goggles, swimwear, neoprene accessories, training equipment, trisuits, and other items, Zone3 North America has you covered! Check out its website to explore the range.  Members of DC Tri Club benefit from a 30% discount, check out the DC Triathlon “partners” page to find the club discount code (for active DC Triathlon club members only) and redeem online at www.zone3.us  

Zone3 will be offering a free demo of their product line on March 3 & March 10. (More details to come…)   This is a great opportunity for DC Triathlon club members to try out their award winning line of wetsuits/swim googles.   Zone3 will have size runs of wetsuits so people can figure out perfect sizing for themselves and will have an opportunity to swim in the wetsuits.   There will be a combination of suits (entry level, midrange, full-sleeve, and possibly sleeveless) to try.    Check them out!!