MoCo Mafia is a community group for DC Tri Club members who live, work, and train in and around Montgomery County. You’ll find race info, training opportunities, and just plain frivolity. Come train and have fun with us!¬†This community group is open to all Club members who request to join.

Upcoming Events

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About MoCo Mafia

  • Training Events
    Swimming, biking, and running events will be announced soon.
  • Social Events
    Happy hours and other social events are in the works!
  • Leadership
    • Joyce Jones
    • Jay Cochran

Opting into the group?
Club members can opt in to a community group via their Club profile. To opt in, log in to your account. Click on “My Account” in the upper right corner of the page. Select the option for “Public Profile”. Check the box for as many community groups as you would like, this will opt a person into the group.

Once you’ve opted in, you may also request access to the MoCo Mafia group Facebook page, where you can interact with other group members.