Meet the Ambassadors

Sean Maloney

Quirky tid-bit no one knows? 
Technically, there are a few people know that know this, BUT I have a debilitating fear of monsters that live in open water. I’m serious. There’s a lake in West Virginia that I one time couldn’t swim more than 100 yards in before rushing out of the water because I was CONVINCED that the monster just on the edge of the swimming area was going to attack me. I also made my best friend get out of the water – I mean, I couldn’t have him dying as well!

When you’re in a training funk, how do you get out of it?
Oh. You mean like all day every day? Honestly, sometimes it feels that way. It can often be ridiculously hard for me to maintain motivation – especially early on in the season. One way is by including my friends in the process and building in systems that naturally allow them to help hold me accountable when I’m not doing a good job at it myself. I also like to build in reward systems. I have a weakness for all forms of potatoes. A delicious basket of tater tots is one of my favorite rewards. I’m not trying to win Kona here, so it’s important for me to remember that I am just out here to do my best and push my limits. As long as I am doing that, you better bet I am having a whiskey and a basket of tater tots at the end of the day.

First bike?
Raleigh Revenio 2. It got me all the way through my first spring triathlon in Carolina Beach, NC to my first two 140.6 races. Just this year I have finally upgraded to a Cervelo P3 (with the Di2 system!) and am so excited to make the switch to a triathlon bike and see how that changes things for me.

2019 Race Calendar

April 6 - Garden Spot Half-Marathon
May 5 - Monticelloman Olympic
July 12-14 - Musselman (both spring and olympic)
August 25 - Annapolis 10-miler
September 6 - Bird-in-Hand 5K and Half-Marathon
September 28 - Ironman Maryland
DC Triathlon Club

Abrianna (Abri) Nelson

Why I want to be an ambassador
Being a part of the DC Tri Club has transformed my life in too many positive ways to count, making me a healthier and stronger person physically, mentally, and emotionally. I still tell friends that doing the New Triathlete Program in 2017 was the best decision I made all year! It has meant so much to have club members alongside me to help me be brave as I try new things and improve. I'm honored to represent the DC Tri Club this way!

Quirky tid-bit no one knows?
My bike is a size 44. Most bike companies don’t even make bikes in my size without a special order! Most bike mechanics find it adorable.

What is the biggest mistake you’ve made in a triathlon?
I have a lot of anxiety about my bike handling skills and sometimes I can be so focused on getting where I’m going that I forget to drink water. I only drank half of my water bottle during the Olympic distance race for the 2018 Philly Escape Triathlon, mainly due to a crowded and very technical course with lots of rolling hills. I felt really hungry for the whole run and it only occurred to me afterward that I was dehydrated. If you see me on my bike, tell me to drink water!

What do you think about when you’re swimming so many yards?
One of the beautiful things about swim/bike/run for me is that it shuts off my brain; all three triathlon sports tend to clear my mind of whatever it is I’m thinking about that day as I focus on my workouts. My coach also usually gives me really interesting sets, so I mainly focus on what I’m doing and what’s coming up next.

2019 Race Calendar

March 17 Shamrock Half Marathon
April 20 Hagerstown Duathlon
May 11 Kinetic Oly
June 1-2 Rock Hall Double (Oly/Sprint)
August 3 Culpeper Gran Fondo
August 25 IM 70.3 Maine
TBD Fall -- I'm not making any promises until after August 25!

DC Triathlon Club

Jeff Halper

Why I wanted to be an ambassador
I wanted to be an ambassador because I love the social aspect of triathlons - the friends I've made have added so much to my life! It's a fun way to get and stay fit, have a good time, travel, suffer, and give racing high fives or sweaty hugs. DC Tri has been a big part of that, so helping to promote the club is a fun way to give back.
When you’re in a training funk, how do you get out of it?
That's what training partners are for. And I try to remember that I'm doing this by choice! Maybe go out for a no-pressure, no-goals bike ride and just enjoy the scenery.
How do you feel about work-life balance?
I'm definitely a "work to live" kinda guy. Family and friends are super important, to the point where I've gone into almost every race I've ever done 'under-trained' because I've given up training time to be with family. That may not be maximizing my potential, but it's a trade-off I gladly make. Between kids and a full time job, tri training usually comes last; I am lucky in that I can set a 'personal' goal @ work, and my boss has to support it. That means I have a work goal each year that's focused around successfully training for and completing races, and if I have to leave work early I can always say that it's in support of an official goal (yes, really).
What do you think about when you’re swimming so many yards?
How bored I am! I use a waterproof iPod to help pass the time, but as often as not I'm thinking about work and problem solving.
2019 Race Calendar
Cherry Blossom 10 miler
Kinetic Oly
Rock Hall Oly
Diamond in the Rough
Patriot's Half
Bethany Beach
Pleasant's Landing
DC Triathlon Club

Michelle Thorne

Do you train with or without data/power/tech?
I am LOW tech because I don’t enjoy spending the time figuring out how to use it!! BUT I have been pushed by my coach and my teenage son to get more techy… I finally have a power meter and even use a Garmin watch and chest strap. I’m still holding out on a new bike computer but I did get myself a Wavecell helmet to go along with my new disk-brake bike I HAD to buy since my previous bike frame cracked. LOL

What’s something you just can’t live without?
I can’t live without Nut Butter and salt! (Try it!… if your BP is low, anyway 😉
How do you feel about work-life balance?
I work full-time, have 2 boys and newly married soooo work-life balance is HUGE… So I get up super early to get most of my training done so I can be with my older son before school starts. I try not to take time away from my boys. Hubs often trains with me.
2019 Race Calendar
GW Parkway Classic
Kinetic Sprint if it’s warm enough!!
Jamestown Oly
DC Spartan Sprint
Tidewater Oly
Culpeper Oly
Spartan Beast AG
Waterman's HIM is a possibility
DC Triathlon Club

Ambassador Workouts

DC Triathlon Club

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