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DC Tri Club Members Discount
CREATED: 06/26/13 by paulglodzik REPLIES:
paulglodzik    JOINED: 1/24/10    POSTS: 3
DC Tri Club Members Discount
POSTED: 6/26/13 3:04 PM

My name is Dr. Paul Glodzik. I would like to re-introduce my chiropractic and physical therapy clinic, WISPC, to DC Tri Club as a whole. In the past I have offered free screenings or discounts on services. I would like to offer all current members a 30% discount on treatments with proof of membership. To learn more about my clinic please visit, or you can find me on Facebook and Twitter as well. From everyone at WISPC we hope that everyone is having a successful triathlon season and are staying healthy while training. If that is not the case feel free to contact us at 202-363-1011.

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