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Coming Soon....
CREATED: 01/27/14 by bcfrank REPLIES:
bcfrank's ravatar bcfrank    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 1004
Coming Soon....
POSTED: 1/27/14 9:22 PM

As some you have noticed and wondered about (or some of you may have noticed and not wondered about or some may not have even noticed at all and therefore not wondered about), there is a new section to the forum called "Community Groups." But, as of right now, no one is able to post to them! So what are they?

While the club is all about bringing together people with an interest in the multisport lifestyle, we realize that there are segments of our membership that may want to get together and connect on a different level. This year, the club is looking to expand our Community and Outreach to a whole new level.

We are hoping to encourage what we are calling "Community Groups" to form based around regional areas, training speeds, or special interests. As you can see from the Community Groups page as well as the new forum sections, we have started generating some ideas about what kinds of Community Groups we could have. Most of these are just ideas right now: some might get off the ground while others might go away.

We are hoping to gather some dedicated club members to help us get these groups off the ground. The idea is to have the community group leader take the reins of their group and generate training workouts, social events, or whatever else seems of interest to the group.

The way we are imagining this will work is that any club member will have the ability to "Opt In" to a Community Group. Once a member has opted in, then they will be put in an email list such that the Community group leader can send out newsletters or announcements directly to those people who are interested in that group. Eventually, we hope for the group to be able to formulate their own group webpage with content of interest (right now that will be done in conjunction with the Community & Outreach board member: Elizabeth). The forums for each community group will be open to the entire club to read and post but we hope to have them set such that only if you have opted into the group will the posts appear in the right hand forum rail.

That's the idea we have right now. This will evolve and adapt over time as we figure out how best to implement this, but that's where we are now.

So if you have any questions or concerns about this or if you have an idea for a Community Group and want to volunteer to help formulate the group and get it off the ground, then please email with your ideas. We would definitely love to hear your thoughts. Please know that we are just putting this idea together and everything might not get up and running immediately. It might take us some time.


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