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In other USAT news...
CREATED: 01/28/14 by TDPrange REPLIES: 1
TDPrange's ravatar TDPrange    JOINED: 1/14/13    POSTS: 77
In other USAT news...
POSTED: 1/28/14 8:13 AM

Saw this in the paper this morning and thought it was interesting considering some of the issues related to the recent USAT election cycle.


mmerson's ravatar mmerson    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 71
RE: In other USAT news...
POSTED: 2/03/14 1:00 AM

Well, my sense is that there is a glut on the Colorado Springs commercial real estate market and they couldn't sell the building. This way, they give it to us at a [sic] bargain price, and we get to be responsible for it. The idea is to rent space other NGBs. All I can say is that when I was on the USAT board, we had a rigorous discussion of this specific proposal and rejected it out of hand as a poor financial proposal. When you find a detailed debate of the finances in the USAT minutes making the argument for this decision, please let us all know. My guess is that you won't see any figures, just someone's "word" that it's a good deal. One ore reason to vote NO on the by-laws proposals. Please do.

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