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Best Place to purchase triathalon gear
CREATED: 08/06/14 by MaxFowle REPLIES: 5
MaxFowle's ravatar MaxFowle    JOINED: 7/27/14    POSTS: 30
Best Place to purchase triathalon gear
POSTED: 8/06/14 2:11 PM

I am looking to purchase a pair of triathlon shorts but I have not found any local stores that sell them. I have checked REI, Hudson Trail Outfitters and a few local bike shops. No one seems to carry triathlon shorts. I would prefer to purchase them in store because I want to try them on, but if anyone has an online store that is easy to deal with and have a good return policy, I would consider going in that direction.

jbauer    JOINED: 1/1/11    POSTS: 84
RE: Best Place to purchase triathalon gear
POSTED: 8/06/14 4:35 PM

I have a few pairs of brand new and unused Nike tri shorts in size M. I bought them on clearance but the sizing runs small, and I need to step up to size L. PM me if you're interested.

Otherwise I recommend checking out Bonzai Sports and Tri360. They are local triathlon shops that should have tri shorts in stock that you can try on.

Pescalita    JOINED: 1/22/12    POSTS: 45
RE: Best Place to purchase triathalon gear
POSTED: 8/06/14 4:43 PM

Hey Max!
Well, the BEST place is to purchase it through our club, of course! I promise you any race you do (and even training around here) while sporting our club colors/ logo will garner you a lot of cheers and support.
Check us out in the Shop link.

There are also Tri360 in Arlington that is tri specific. I like PerformaceBikes easy & fast online ordering, if they don't have things in stock (return to store policy is great as well). I'm sure others will chime in here for other options too.

But, definitely check out our store. We recently partnered up with LouisGarneau and updated out logo, so our kits look pretty awesome (in my humble opinion).

Side note, I'm also the Director of Gear& Merch. so let me know if you have any questions that I can help you out with.

Happy racing,
Jen H.

bronxking's ravatar bronxking    JOINED: 1/13/13    POSTS: 260
RE: Best Place to purchase triathalon gear
POSTED: 8/06/14 9:23 PM

Hmm...I've gotten a pair of Zoot tri shorts and matching top at REI at the Rockville location before. They usually have a triathlon section, but it doesn't stand out. You just gotta ask or walk around until you see something triathlon-y. Selections are limited though. FYI, most triathlon gears are on sale beginning early October because that's the end of the season, and that's when I got my Zoot set for like 40% off.

Also agree with Jen. You get mad street cred if you rock out the DC Tri kit including shorts even on training workouts.

Luke's ravatar Luke    JOINED: 11/28/10    POSTS: 390
RE: Best Place to purchase triathalon gear
POSTED: 8/07/14 10:35 AM

Bonzai Sports in Falls Church is the best physical store I know to purchase tri-specific gear. They will let you try on tri tops, shorts, and wetsuits. I know they carry RATS (Reston Area Triathletes) gear as well as generic gear... Perhaps we should look into having Bonzai stock DC Triathlon kits too? That would give folks a chance to try on our gear before buying it.

If you're looking for swimming gear (jammers, speedos, caps, goggles, etc.) check out Sport Fair at 5010 Lee Highway in Arlington (near the Glebe Road & Route 29 intersection). They are a Top 10 Speedo dealer nationally, and the swimming store of choice for all of the local masters, club, high school, and summer swim teams. They also allow you to try on everything, and their staff is great at fitting suits.

Like Jennifer said, wearing DC Triclub gear (as opposed to generic gear) in races will get you lots of cheers/shout-outs! I wear my DC Triclub gear in every race I do, and I can't remember a time when I didn't hear at least one "Go DC Triclub!" shout-out somewhere out on the course... and that includes races in Baltimore and North Carolina.


HolliMarie's ravatar HolliMarie    JOINED: 6/21/11    POSTS: 241
RE: Best Place to purchase triathalon gear
POSTED: 8/09/14 11:15 AM

I would recommend DC Tri gear as well, but if you'd really like to get in somewhere to try stuff on Tri360 may be your best bet right now. The last time I was in Bonzai there selection was dwindling and not being replenished. That store seems to be slipping year by year (in both the merchandise and customer service departments).

I know a lot of local sporting goods store will have small quantities in stock (city sports, REI, etc) . Also ordering a couple sizes and trying them on and sending back what you don't like is always an option. Another option is usually DCTC sells gear at the club tent during the Nation's Tri Expo. You may be able to try stuff on then!

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