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Core Stability and the Female Athlete Workshop
CREATED: 10/07/13 by SSPT REPLIES: 1
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Core Stability and the Female Athlete Workshop
POSTED: 10/07/13 4:08 PM

Understanding why less is more when working the Core!

Date: Thursday, October 17, 2013
Time: 6:45 pm - 7:45 pm
Location: Sports + Spinal Physical Therapy, 2175 K Street, NW, Suite C-120, Washington, DC 20037 (next to Starbucks)
Fee: Free

Description: Most female athletes understand that it is necessary to work the “core” when doing strength training. But what are the core muscles and what is their relation to exercise? How does one effectively train these muscles? If you have suffered from an athletic injury, especially strains or sprains to the low back, SI joint, hip or knee, learn how can training your core help get back to participating in your sport.

This workshop will provide information and instruction that will enable you to:
- Understand the muscles that make up the core.
- Learn how to test your own pelvic floor and abdominal muscles for stability.
- Understand the importance of the pelvic floor muscles and their role in sports-specific strengthening routines for the female athlete.
- Learn basic core strengthening exercises and how to progress them.

The workshop will include hands-on instruction on how to activate your core muscles when you perform sport-specific exercises.

Please come dressed in comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat, and be ready to move!

Instructors: Christine Gorby and Kerry Susser will be leading this workshop. Both Christine and Kerry are Doctors of Physical Therapy and avid athletes who have extensive experience working with female athletes.

Event information is also available at:

This class is being hosted by DC Tri Club partner Sports + Spinal Physical Therapy. For more information on SSPT, please visit us at www.ssptdc com or

SSPT    JOINED: 5/28/09    POSTS: 86
RE: Core Stability and the Female Athlete Workshop
POSTED: 10/16/13 11:36 AM

Just a reminder about tomorrow's Core Stability and the Female Athlete workshop...

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