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Army 10 Miler Logistics
CREATED: 10/18/13 by SeanG REPLIES: 6
SeanG's ravatar SeanG    JOINED: 4/8/09    POSTS: 160
Army 10 Miler Logistics
POSTED: 10/18/13 11:51 AM

Racing on Sunday, and have never done this particular race before. My wife and 4 month old were going to come cheer, so I need to drive to the race start. Does anyone have any recommendations on parking, and what time I need to plan on parking to get your recommended spot? Thanks for the help, and look forward to hopefully seeing some other DC Tri peeps on the race course among the 35,000 other people!


pgfde121's ravatar pgfde121    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 253
RE: Army 10 Miler Logistics
POSTED: 10/18/13 3:29 PM


You might have seen this on their page already.

There is NO runner parking at the Pentagon. There is limited parking in Crystal City Shops, Pentagon City Mall and on Army Navy Drive.

The ATM highly recommends taking Metro, which will open at 5:00am. Metro will run on a Sunday schedule (about every 20 minutes). Exit at the Pentagon Metro station.

I would suggest maybe driving to the metro, getting to the start yourself a little earlier, and then having the wife bring the baby and stroller along on the metro a little later after the crowds have cleared and meet at the finish line.

kev7's ravatar kev7    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 467
RE: Army 10 Miler Logistics
POSTED: 10/18/13 4:59 PM

Your family may be able to park near GW off 23 Street (3.5 mile). I haven't raced ATM in years, but seem to remember the lack of spectators around there.

Luke's ravatar Luke    JOINED: 11/28/10    POSTS: 390
RE: Army 10 Miler Logistics
POSTED: 10/19/13 12:38 AM

I usually drive to the Army Ten Miler and park at a lot off of the GW Parkway. When you're driving down the GW Parkway from McLean or Rosslyn toward 395, go past the exit for the Pentagon (which will be closed on race morning), then take the next right (about a half mile later), and enter the park parking lot. It's about a 3/4 mile walk to the Pentagon parking lot from there (walk back towards the Pentagon turn off, then make a left and walk over the bridge)... and depending on exactly where the start line is (it has moved around a few times over the years), potentially up to another half mile walk from there to the start line. Either way, the walk is no farther than the walk from Hains Point Lot C to the start of the Nations Triathlon... I usually use this as my warmup jog. Plus there are plenty of parking spots available, a bathroom (albeit a poorly neglected public park bathroom), and it's easy to get into and out of.


astolz1's ravatar astolz1    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 609
RE: Army 10 Miler Logistics
POSTED: 10/19/13 12:27 PM

Hey Sean, it'll be my 2nd time at ATM and I'm going to bike down again but try parking at the Pentagon Hayes Street Parking, 860 Army Navy Drive Arlington, VA 22202 or close by.

For you and anyone else interested, we'll be hitting La Creperie
1201 S Joyce St, Arlington, VA after the race. I think we'll get there about 10.

Good luck to all and see ya tomorrow!
- Adam

Luke's ravatar Luke    JOINED: 11/28/10    POSTS: 390
RE: Army 10 Miler Logistics
POSTED: 10/19/13 4:32 PM

Yes, it's the marina lot. The marina is down at the left end of the lot. I would park close to the right end of the lot, as that will shorten the walk to the start a bit.

SeanG's ravatar SeanG    JOINED: 4/8/09    POSTS: 160
RE: Army 10 Miler Logistics
POSTED: 10/19/13 4:34 PM

Thanks everyone!

Luke, are you talking about the parking lot for the marina?

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