James Pierce

  • Hey all, I’m going to be <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>flying</span> with my new bike in a few weeks and looking for a case / bag to take it in. I’m also open to advice as I’ve heard pros and cons of both hard and soft shell cases – and there are horror stories on both sides. I’m hoping to have a good experience and thought I’d reach…[Read more]

  • Btw, yet to do my first Tri, but met someone on Wed who encouraged me to join – so I’m giving it a shot!

  • Hey, James here. Moved to DC recently and just joined. Planning to ride in the morning from the Georgetown pickup spot. Is there a route set for this ride? I’m planning to just go with the flow, but B group ideally. Austin, maybe you’ll be there and could fill me in a bit more. 🙂 I’ll read back in the thread for extra details as well. Looking…[Read more]